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Johnny  Dark  (1954)
Starring  Tony  Curtis,  Piper  Laurie  &  Don  Taylor
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The official movie stills from Johnny Dark are numbers on most of the photos – from 1751-1 to 1751-55.  Within these numbers are letter designations which are usually variations of the same photo or theme of the photo.  In addition, after 1751-55 (last numbered sequence) the photos start to be numbered with letters such as 1751-P1.

Universal International used the number “1751” to identify the “Johnny Dark” in their movie catalog.


AD: Advertising
P: Publicity

So at this time, we are showing the numbers in the caption for each photo.  Also, we are showing the official “caption” that came with the photo if we have it.  Hopefully, over time we’ll be able to capture most of these captions and add it to this page for all to enjoy.  The “joys” of research gang.  Hope you enjoy the photos which follow.

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