Modern Sports Car Series – Books

Modern Sports Car Series of Books 
Published by Sports Car Press
1957  –  197?

Streamlining & Car Aerodynamics (1977)
Author: Jan P. Norbye

Guide to Corvette Speed (1969)
Author: Karl E. Ludvigsen

The New MG Guide (1968)
Including Performance Modifications For All Models
Author: John Christy and Karl Ludvigsen

Sports Car Suspension (1965)
Author: Jan P. Norbye

The New Jaguar Guide (1964)
Author: H.W. Williamson

American Vintage Cars (1963)
Author: Charles Betts

Car and Repair of Your Sports Car (1960)
Author: OCee Ritch

Renault Guide (1960)
Author: Jerry Sloniger

Vintage Motorcar Handbook (1960?)
Unclear if book published.  Ultimately a similar title published in 1963 above
Shown at front of 1960 printing of 1957 book on “Guide To Buying a Used Sports Car”
No author given

Buying A Used Car (1960?)
Unclear if book published. 
Shown at front of 1960 printing of 1957 book on “Guide To Buying a Used Sports Car”
Author: John Christy

Sports  Cars  of  the  Future  (1959)
Author: Strother MacMinn

Larry Reid’s Rally Tables (1959)
Author: Larry Reid

Grand Prix Cars (1959)
Author: Denis Jenkinson

Triumph Guide (1959)
Authors: Dave Allen and Dick Strome

Races That Shook The World (1959)
Alternative Title Shown in earlier books was “Moments That Made Racing History” by same author
Author: Rodney Walkerley

Sports Car Events (1959)
Gymkhanas, Autocrosses, Hillclimbs, Concours d’ Elegance, and Trials (1959)
Author: Robert Flanders Clarke

Mercedes-Benz Guide (1959)
Author: Karl Ludvigsen

Austin-Healey Guide (1959)
Authors: Donald Healey and Tommy Wisdom

Women in Sports Car Competition (1958)
Author: Evelyn Mull

Sports Clothes for your Sports Car (1958)
Author: John Weitz

Car and Repair of Your Sports Car (1958)
Author: Corey
Note: This book may have not been printed.  Another book by same name shows above in 1960 by O.C Ritch.  This book authored by “Corey” shown on back of 1958 book on Great Racing Drivers

Porsche Guide (1958)
Author: Jerry Sloniger

Selected Road Tests (1958)
Road Tests Conducted on Sports Cars & Other Famous Makes
Author: John Bond

Motor Scooter Guide (1958)
Author: Richard Kahn

MG Guide (1958)
Author: John Christy and Karl Ludvigsen

Accessories For Your Sports Car (1958)
Author: Larry Reid

Your Sports Car Engine (1958)
Author: Karl E. Ludvigsen

Sports Cars of the World (1958)
Author: Robert Halmi

The Corvette Guide (1958)
Author: Dick Thompson with Donn Hale Munson

Volkswagen Guide (1958)
Author: William Carroll

Great Racing Drivers of the World (1958)
Author: Hans Tanner

Jaguar Guide (1957)
Author: John Bentley

A Guide to Rallying (1957)
Author: Larry Reid

Guide to Buying a Used Sports Car (1957)
Author: John Christy

Guide to Competition Driving (1957)
Author: Paul O’Shea