DuPont’s Cars of Tomorrow – 1963

Dupont’s  Car  of  Tomorrow  Series
Six  Futuristic  Models
Strother  MacMinn

In 1963, MacMinn created a series of 6 futuristic model cars used to promote DuPont automotive refinishing products.  These six cars appeared in one and two-page advertisements as well as press-release photos.   A limited number of color images printed in color on high-quality paper as well as matted for framing were made available to the public.  These were sold in two packages of three cars each and included a detailed description of each car designed by MacMinn.  Links to each of the pieces described above are provided below.

Article  Describing  Car  of  Tomorrow  Series

Projexions:  The  Shape  of  Cars  of  the  Future
Motor  Trend:  October,  1963
Author:  Strother  MacMinn
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Full  Matted  Prints  From  DuPont
11″ x 14″  Size

Cars  1,  2  and  3
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Cars  4,  5  and  6
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DuPont  Advertising  Featuring  “Car  of  Tomorrow”
At  Least  5  Separate  Ads  Were  Run

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DuPont  Publicity  Photos  With  Captions
Two  Are  Shown  Here

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