Undiscovered Classics: Vintage Media Archive 2000-2005

Undiscovered  Classics
Vintage  Media  Archive  2000-2005

Cosmic  Concept
Traditional  Rod  &  Kulture: Winter, 2005
Premier  Issue

Cobra  in  the  Barn
Great  Stories  of  Automotive  Archaeology
Author:  Tom  Cotter – Published  2005

Woodill  Wildfire
Fanning  A  Flame:  Woody  Woodill and the Wildfire
Collectible  Automobile:  October, 2005

Taildraggers:  On  the  Lawn  at  Pebble  Beach
Author: Ken Gross
Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Program: August, 2005

Thousand  Oaks  Car  Classic
Theme: Automotive Designs of the Deco Era
Featuring: Stoudt Scarab, Dymaxion, Bel Geddes, Fascination, Airomobile

Thousand Oaks, California: June, 2005

The  Rare,  Cool  El  Tiburon
Modesto  Bee:  November  19,  2004

El  Tiburon  Was  One  of  the  Past’s  Cars  of  the  Future
Jalopnik.com:  November  19,  2004

Thousand  Oaks  Car  Classic
Theme: California’s Contribution to the Automobile
Featuring: Car Designers, Coachbuilders, Dale,
Edwards, Kurtis, Maverick, Davis, Woodill

Thousand Oaks, California: June, 2004

Vintage  Road  Racing  Cars  1950 – 1970
Harold  Pace  and  Mark  Brinker:  Published  2004

It’s  A  Wellman!
Special  Interest  Autos  #189:  June,  2002

American Treasure – Smithsonian Induction of Glasspar G2
Kit Car Magazine: January, 2001

The  Mysterious,  Beautiful  Byers
International  Auto  Style  &  Sport:  September,  2000

Keith  Kaucher’s  Kit  Concepts  (Victress  C3  Coupe)
Kit  Car  Magazine:  July,  2000

Thousand  Oaks  Car  Classic
Theme: Hats Off To Convertibles
Featuring: Maverick, Woodill

Thousand Oaks, California: June, 2000

Museum  Nets  A  Pair  of  “Sharks”
St. Petersburg Times: March 1, 2000

The  Big  Guide  To  Kit  &  Specialty  Cars
American  Classics  From  the  Past  and  Present
Harold Pace:  Published 2000

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