Picking Up Ralph’s Race Car

Picking  Up  Ralph’s  Race  Car
June  29,  2013

It’s always a team effort here at Undiscovered Classics and picking up a car is never a dull experience.  Rick D’Louhy and I flew from Tampa, Florida to Los Angeles, California for one of our adventurous trips, and it was during this trip in 2013 that we picked up the Singer, met with Ralph Bush and recorded the experience for us to share. 

On this page are photos of the day that Dennis Gerdes, Rick D’Louhy and myself (Geoff Hacker) headed out with Dennis’ truck and trailer to pick up the car.  Our destination – Eric Weese’s location in the high desert outside of Los Angeles, California where the car was stored.  Eric’s father had bought the car decades before and I was about to become the new caretaker. 

Enjoy 🙂