Ralph  Bush – Racing  In  His  80s

Ralph Bush – Racing In His 80s

Ralph Bush With His Thunderroad Racecar – Year ???


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Cool  Hand,  Hot  Shoe
Ralph Bush finished fourth among 40 drivers in the Thunder Roadster 2009 National Championship at 75 years old
New Times (San Luis Obispo, California):  December 10,  2009

Arroyo  Grande  Man  Still  Racin’  At  79  Years  Old
Ralph Bush of Arroyo Grande — who turns 80 years old this year — races roadsters.
He has enjoyed car racing since he was 21
The Tribune: April 22, 2014

Ralph  Bush  Age  81  Placing  Third:  2015
Western  States  Championships,  Laguna  Seca

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Ralph Bush Raced Against His Grandson in Year ???? Grandson Name???  Ryan?