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Concours  d’Elegance   Appearances

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance
Forgotten Fiberglass Class & More
Two Cars Attending: 1955 Californian (LeGene) and 1946 Bill Burke Belly Tank Streamliner
March, 2010

Museum,  Event  and  Exhibition  Appearances

Fantasies in Fiberglass
February 28 to October 3, 2010
Exhibited: 1961 Covington Tiburon “Shark” Coupe
Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles, California

On  The  Web

Found:  John  Bond’s  Byers  SR-100  And  A  Mystery  Byers
Hemmings  Motor  News:  July 21, 2010

Fiberglass  Fun  in  SoCal
Hemmings: June 29, 2010

An  Interview  With  Bob  Gurr – Making  Dreams  Come  True
Dean’s  Garage:  June  15,  2010

MacMinn’s  LeMans  Coupe
Dean’s Garage: May 18, 2010

Fun  With  Fiberglass:
Petersen  Exhibit  Celebrates  Moldable  Material
Autoweek: April 28, 2010

When  The  Future  Was  Fiberglass
Ventura County Star: April 9, 2010

When  My  Hair  Was  Black…  Part 2
Hemmings  Motor  News:  April  2,  2010

Forgotten  Fiberglass
American  Sports  Car  Specials
Amelia  Island  Concours  d’Elegance Program:  March, 2010

The  Petersen  Automotive  Museum  Fantasies  in  Fiberglass
Opens  at  the  Petersen  Automotive  Museum:  February  27,  2010
Hot Rod Magazine: January 1, 2010

In  Print

Book:  Corvette In The Barn
Story 1: The Snipe Hunter (Geoff Hacker) – By Harold Pace
Story 2: The Lost Motor Trend Victress Special – By Guy Dirkin
Story 3: The Belly Tank Tribute – By Daniel Strohl
Tom Cotter: Published 2010

Fantasies  In  Fiberglass
Peterson  Museum  Quarterly:  Winter,  2009  (exhibit ran thru 2010)
By  Leslie  Kendall

1946 Bill Burke Belly Tank Streamliner
Rodder’s Journal: #48, 2010

Amelia  Island  2010
Daniel  Strohl,  Hemmings  Motor  News:  August,  2010

A Fiberglass Fanatic
Free Wheelin’ By Perry Zavitz
Old Autos: May 17, 2010

1949 Timbs Special: Feature Article
Motor Trend Classic: Spring, 2010

Your  Computer  Might  Be  Your  Best  Tool
Review  of  Forgotten  Fiberglass  Website
Hagerty  Classic  Car  Magazine:  Spring,  2010

1948  Norman  Timbs  Special
The Rodder’s Journal #48, 2010

Forgotten Fiberglass: American Sports Car Specials
Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance Program: March, 2010

Transparent “Byers SR-100” Mystery
Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car: January, 2010

Lost  &  Found
Daniel Strohl, Hemmings Classic Car: January, 2010


Tom Cotter: Corvette in the Barn
Tampa, Florida Radio Interview
Listening Time: 3 Minutes

1010 Sports CBS Radio: August 18, 2010
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On  Video

Tailfins & Chrome TV Show
“Rick’s Picks at 2010 Daytona Beach Dream Cruise”
Viewing Time: 1 Minute
1955 Mysterion – LeGene Sports Car

Viewing Time: 1 Minute
Channel 8, WFLA Tampa, Florida, NBC
December 5, 2010