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Concours  d’Elegance   Appearances

Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance
1955 California Special (LeGene Roadster)

Museum,  Event  and  Exhibition  Appearances

DuPont Registry Show
July, 2014
Exhibited: 1955 Californian Roadster (LeGene Roadster)
Corporate Office: St. Petersburg, Florida

DuPont Registry Show
June, 2014
Exhibited: 1955 Bangert Manta Ray (unrestored)
Corporate Office: St. Petersburg, Florida

Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals
1962 Shark Roadster
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
May, 2014

DuPont Concours in the Park
February 9, 2014
Exhibited: 1946 Bill Burke Belly Tank Streamliner
Vinoy’s Waterfront Park: St. Petersburg, Florida

Ground  Hog  Gala
February 1, 2014
Exhibited: 1946 Bill Burke Belly Tank Streamliner
The Barn Venue:  Sanford, Florida

DuPont Registry Show
February, 2014
Exhibited: 1946 Bill Burke Belly Tank Streamliner
Corporate Office: St. Petersburg, Florida

On  The  Web

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The Comet’s Tale:
The 1947 Kurtis-Omhundro Comet

Motor Trend:  June 3, 2014

Hemmings  Find  of  the  Day – 1957  Byers  SR-100
Hemmings  Motor  News:  January 13, 2014

1950  Leo  Lyons  Custom  Mercury  Restoration – Ten+  Autoweek  Articles:
Lead  Up  To  The  Pebble  Beach  Concours  d’Elegance

Graham Kozak – Autoweek Magazine
November 13, 2014 to September 2, 2015

In  Print

1953 Glasspar G2 – Mameco Ardun Race Car
Oldtimer Markt (Germany): October, 2014

Glass Act: Woodill Wildfire
Motor Trend Classic: Summer, 2014

Raiders of the Lost Cars – Poster
Kit Car Builder: July-August, 2014

1955 Glass Wonder Show Car
Breaking the Mold
John Dragich Special (3 made)

Author: Ken Gross
American Car Collector: July-August, 2014

Personality Profile: George Dammann
Hemmings Motor News: June, 2014

Byers  SR-100:  A  Fiberglass  Flyer  From  The  Fifties
Kit  Car  Builder:  February,  2014

Book:  Fifty  Shades  of  Rust
By Tom Cotter / Foreword by Wayne Carini
Introduction by Tom Cotter and Geoffrey Hacker
Ten Stories of Handcrafted Cars
Published:  2014


Forgotten  Fiberglass  Interview  (Geoff  Hacker)
Cars  Yeah  With  Mark  Greene
Listening Time: 45 Minutes
December 3, 2014