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Concours  d’Elegance  Appearances

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance
1952 Voodoo Gardner
March 8, 2020

Museum,  Event  and  Exhibition  Appearances


On  The  Web

Johnny  Dark  Woodill  Wildfire  To  Debut  at  2021  Amelia  Island
Hemmings  Motor  News: December  23, 2020

Post-War  Sports  Cars – A  Need  For  Speed
CorvSport: December  16,  2020

Lost  Special-Bodied  Corvair  Showcar  Found
Hemmings  Motor  News: December  4, 2020

Filling  in  the  Blanks  of  Automotive  History  With  3D  Modeler  Dan  Palatnik
Hemmings  Motor  News:  May 31, 2020

The  Remarkable  1956  Manta  Ray  By  Noel  Bangert
Silodrome:  May 1, 2020

Norman Timbs Streamliner To Rise From The Ashes
Hemmings Motor News: April 14, 2020

The Austin-Healey With The Face of a Ferrari
Hemmings Motor News: April 8, 2020

New Sports Car Chassis Addresses Roadblock To Getting Decades-Old
Sport Specials Back On The Road

Hemmings Motor News: March 24, 2020

American Specials Buyer’s Guide (mention)
Hemmings Motor News: March 21, 2020

The Good, The Bad and the Very Strange at Amelia Island
Car Talk: March 10, 2020

Florida’s Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance Celebrates its 25th Year
Penta (Barron’s of Dow Jones and Company): March 2, 2020

Voodoo Magic:
How A Handbuilt Cadillac-Powered Sports Car Was Built From Scratch

Hemmings Motor News:  March 1st, 2020

In  Print

Telling  the  Tale  of  ‘Torquie’ – Part 2
Singer Owner’s Club Magazine: March, 2020

American  Rides: Glasspar
Richard  Vining  and  Edge  Motor  Museum
MUS Today: Spring, 2020

Undiscovered  Classics
Veteran Tidende: Danish Vintage Car Club
Car History Journal: February, 2020


Undiscovered  Classics  Interview  (Geoff  Hacker)
Cars  Yeah  With  Mark  Greene
Listening Time: 35 Minutes
February  18, 2020

On  Video

Barn Find Hunter, Tom Cotter: Hagerty TV
Episode #72
Viewing Time: 9 Minutes
1952 Allied Swallow – Kay Kimes Special
Duesenburg Bonneville Special
January, 2020
Full Episode (18 Minutes) – 180,000+ views on YouTube
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