Undiscovered Classics: Visits From From Across the World

Undiscovered  Classics:
Visits  From  Across  the  World

We’ve been up and running since our first post on November 1st, 2009 (Click here to review our first post).  We started out with a focus on Forgotten Fiberglass and have since expanded to a broad range of handcrafted cars all of which falls under our brand:

Undiscovered Classics

We’re honored that we continue to reach all parts of the world.  At any time you can see who has visited us, where they are from and in some cases what story they are viewing.  Below are a few ways you can view this information yourself.

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Explore  The  Worldwide  Visitor  Map

The Visitor Map shows you a view of the world with red dots indicating visitor locations in the last 30 days.  You can hover over each dot with your cursor/mouse and the location will appear on the screen. At the top of the page, you can change:

  • Time” in terms of  “Units” (days, hours or minutes)
  • Map” in terms of the entire world or parts of it.
  • Click on “Go” to see visitors appear on the world map

Click  Here  To  View  The  Visitor  Map

Have  You  Seen  Our  “Live  Traffic  Feed?”

At the bottom of every page of our Undiscovered Classics website is a “Live Traffic Feed.”  This shows the last 10 visitors to the website, their approximate location and country of origin and the particular story or page they are viewing.  In fact, you can click on the story they are viewing and go directly there – it’s an active link in “blue” and can be fun to explore what other folks find interesting.

Below is a photo of what the “Live Traffic Feed” looks like – but this is just an image.  You have to scroll down to the bottom of this page – or any other page on our webssite – to see this image in “real time.”

Hope you find this as interesting as we do – we very much appreciate the worldwide attention.

Scroll to the Bottom of Any Page on our Website and see our “Live Traffic Feed” Information in “Real Time”

Real  Time  Visitor  Data – The Full Monty

This option is for you real techogeeks out there who might even enjoy more detail.  This is another feature of the “Live Traffic Feed” where at the bottom of the visitor box it displays a link titled “Real-Time.”  When you click on that link (or you can click on the link below) a new page appears titled “RealTime User Visitor Undiscoveredclassics.com.”  Here’s what it looks like:

When you visit the page above, you can see locations where current visitors are viewing the Undiscovered Classics website and reading our stories.  You can also scroll down and see the last 100 or so visitors and information including:

  • Approximate location where they are from
  • What type of browser, software and hardware they are using to view our website
  • The story or page they are viewing (and this is an active link so you can click on this and go immediately to the page they are viewing)
  • At the upper right hand part of the screen shows the percentage of viewers from different countries
  • As you scroll down at the right side of the page you can see what browsers and software are being used to view our Undiscovered Classics page as well
  • Other information at the right side of the page that appears as  you scroll down is operating system software used, hardware/device being used to view our website and how they got to our website (direct link, Hemmings, Facebook, Google, etc).

Again its interesting detail to a subset of you out there who may find this type of information interesting and revealing concerning the interest of the cars and stories that comprise Undiscovered Classics.  Take the following action to view “Real Time Visitor Data:”

  • Click Here – a “Login To Your Account” will appear
  • Click anywhere on this screen (except the “Login To Your Account” box) and the “Login” box will disappear
  • View the information on the screen by scrolling up and down