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This area of our website focuses on Glasspar and its history.  However…we’re not the first to recognize this marque.  Originally, there was a “Glasspar G2 Club” founded by Jean Poirer in 1994.  The Club’s objective was to provide a Registry of all Glasspars, to be a history and knowledge source for members and a place for member resource exchange.  There was a Club Newsletter as well.  Later, the Glasspar G2 Club was managed and expanded by Bill Hoover.  I have since become good friends with Jean Poirier, but it’s with regret, I never had a chance to meet Bill Hoover.  Bill passed away in December 2006, but I have learned to appreciate his passion for these cars through a good friendship with his son Patrick.  In this spirit, we carry on the legacy of the Glasspar G2 Club that both Jean and Bill built in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

Many of the pages in this area of our website are taken directly from Jean and Bill’s original work, and we have expanded and added to these pages as well.  It’s with honor and pride that we maintain this section of our Forgotten Fiberglass website and recognize the work and achievement that both Bill and Jean and the original Glasspar Club started so many years ago.

As vintage fiberglass cars have been more widely recognized and appreciated, the Glasspar G2 club has been integrated into the Forgotten Fiberglass website and enthusiast group.  While we continue to recognize the achievement of Bill Tritt and the design of his cars, we now honor the great number of designers, builders, businessmen, and entreprenuers who brought these cars to life in the 1950’s and beyond.

Geoff Hacker, Rick D’Louhy, and Rodney Packwood
Forgotten Fiberglass and Glasspar Devotees…


Glasspar – Home — 4 Comments

  1. Glasspar G2 aficionados… Welcome!
    Your G2 information is needed! Maintaining the status of the known Glasspar G2’s is becoming a bit more difficult, as the number of cars in the registry has now exceeded 70! The family of surviving cars is now in excess of 70% and growing. If you are involved in the G2 community, please stay in touch, or get in touch, and say hello… the cars do change hands, and some of the information on the status of known cars is years out of date. The G2 Registry is a benefit to everybody involved as it lends legitimacy and recognition to the marque, and with more G2’s being restored now than ever before, the value is obvious. Pictures, questions, any contact welcome… Rodney at >< I'm here for you in Escondido California.

  2. Hi folks,
    we have a glaaspar G2 in service, and are looking for spare parts (sutch as breaking zylinders)…. some one out there?
    We are located in Germany (Frankfurt area) and interested to become member in your club.


  3. The Glasspar body was originally designed for the Henry J frame. It is said that GM builders builders bought three of the raw bodies. They measured and dissected the effect of that was the Corvette. These facts were found in an article on the internet. I have a Henry J frame 1951 on this is mounted a Glasspar body. The body has the plack brass Glasspar Id tag. It is regestered as a Henry J Roadster. I have had this car for 30 years. THe grill and hinges are made of magnesiem.

  4. I just found a roadster under thirty years of vegetation, in Naples. It came with a hemi engine. The frame appears to be original, 2″ tube and leaf spring suspension. The body rough but is intact. I would like to come and see any examples for reference purposes. Steven Nagle. Fort Myers, 239.980.3262. Thanks in advance.

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