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Contact / Registry

Glasspar G2, Ascot, and P1900 Registry:

The Glasspar G2, Ascot, and P1900 Registry is maintained by Rodney Packwood and Geoff Hacker.   We welcome all Glasspar owners to join our registry and stay in touch with other Glasspar owners.  Please contact Rodney Packwood to join (free) and be a part of the Glasspar and Forgotten Fiberglass Community:

Rodney Packwood
9532 W. Lilac Road
Escondido, California  92026-5103
(760) 731-3232

Registry Page (password protected)



Contact / Registry — 6 Comments

  1. Glasspar G2 Registry Report 2, 2015
    As of this date, your G2 Registry has a total of 73 cars. I have images of all cars listed on the roster, except for 10. All of the “numbered”, or Glasspar G2’s with a body number, total 22. Of course, all cars have a number, but the body tags were removable. Most of these factory body tags have been lost, or removed and not reattached, so the body number is unknown. Many cars that have no tag, have a body number stamped into a threshold plate, or the door latch plate for the passenger door. I have 8 cars listed with chassis numbers on “factory” Post frames, and 2 cars that were Chattanooga Boiler cars. There are several G2’s with chassis numbers from the donor car that remained the VIN for the G2. Many cars have no numbers at all, or State-stamped VINs generated by the state. We now have at least 21 cars fully restored, and another 9 under restoration. There are 8 cars located outside the U.S. 1 (each) in Argentina, England, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Canada, and 2 in Sweden. 1 Possible in Mexico City, but unconfirmed. If you own a Glasspar G2, or know of one, please help to update the Registry with any ownership changes, condition and/or status changes… photos always appreciated, and if you need an image of a certain car, please ask, always happy to assist. If you know of a G2 in your area, please advise. A restored example showed up on a used car lot in Boise,Id late last year. I have photos, but the car remains a mystery. Thanks, everybody, stay in touch.

  2. Hi I am in NJ and my 1953 Glasspar G2 was delivered yesterday. I would like to become part of,the registry to see if the car is already known to you. I cannot find the link to register through FF.

  3. Hi, my name is Hugo, from Argentina, I new owner of the G2 Glasspar (nº 205). Is my new proyect of restauration, but need the grill….
    Thank you.

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