Newsletter 2: August 26th, 2002

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 August 26, 2002                                                                                           Newsletter No. 2 

Dear G2 Owner/Enthusiast,
Finally, another Newsletter – but your G2 Club has been busy since the last one. We are listed as a “Marque” in the latest Hemmings Collector Car Almanac and that has brought in some correspondence. Admit extreme laziness in not getting our Website going, but Hemmings promises help on that.
Have kept our address and Email list as current as possible but have the detail statistics on only eight G2’s in answer to the first Newsletter Data Sheet. This is not good. Those who haven’t sent their Data Sheet in should do so, for this is vital to our Club being viable as an information source and resource for members. Pictures too! In this regard, if any member does not want their name, address or car data listed on the Website, let me know. Not too sure what will be on the site, maybe just name, location and car data. Give me your thoughts on this.
As you know, Dale Dutton’s beautiful Glasspar resides at the Smithsonian in the Transportation Section – at least it did until this spring when they redid the whole exhibit to make it one of the modern “instructive” walk-thru’s. Only two of the cars of the many displayed survived the cut, and our Glasspar was not one of them. If you visit DC, arrange a tour of the Smithsonian’s Suitland Facility where they store all the autos and airplanes not on exhibit to the public. Dale’s G2 will be there; in fact it’s better than the Museum, more cars.
Have been a little busy answering queries from the field and have set up a couple of G2 sales. Quite a few questions like “What is it” with a picture. For the info of all, remember there is a big difference between a Glasspar G2 and a Woodill Wildfire. You will note on the early Wildfire below, the distinctive raised and curved dash cowl and squared off rear fenders. All Woodills had this, even No. 1. Later Woodills had higher doors and a different grille. Practically all Wildfires were sold as kits as were the G2’s. Incidentally, the Vaughn Singer was one car, a G2 body on a Singer frame and engine shown at a NYC Auto Show, and that was it.


Another item of interest is the G2 body nameplate containing the maker, year and the serial # of the body. The plate is brass and Bill Tritt put it on the forward door- post. It is shown, actual size. It shows Model, G2; Date of manufacture, ’53; Serial No., 152 (152nd produced). Very few of the G2’s I know of have these plates. The Wildfire plate is of similar design.


      I have come some way since the last Newsletter and have a reasonable hand on the G2’s out there and their condition and ownership. Here is my tally of our Club to date:

We are working with 29 known G2’s in the following condition categories:
6 Grade 1 – Beautiful, possibly Auto show quality.
9 Grade 2 – Good looking and running.
7 Grade 3 – In restoration, rough.
7 Grade 4 – Condition unknown.

This brings me to a critical point in the Newsletter – many of you have sent me neither the Data Sheet nor pictures of your fine G2. These are essential for us to be a viable Club, as I said before. Keep me up-to-date even if you are restoring!!
A great source of Glasspar history can be found in two recent car magazines. First, the January, 2002 issue of Kit Car has a terrific article and pictures by Harold Pace, a great friend of the Glasspar, on page 38, a must read. It is titled “American Treasure”. Second, the British magazine Classic and Sports Car of July 2000 has great coverage of Bill Tritt in “Plastic Pioneer”, page 102. Our Website will have a good Glasspar history section.
Last, but not least, I have put my beautiful G2 up for sale. I want to be sure the car that I have had for 49 years gets into good and responsible hands while I have the means. I am working through Kruse International to auction it on the Internet. The Website is Click on “Preferred Showroom”. Our Glasspars are not well known in antique/classic car circles but the especially nice ones are unique, rare and an important part of automotive history. My car should be on display for auction the first week in September.

Lets keep in contact!

With best regards,
Bill Hoover

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