Newsletter 5: September 1st, 2004

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Newsletter No. 5                                                                                         September 1, 2004

Dear Glasspar G-2 Club Member

     I ran into an interesting article on the Alembic I in the Canadian Classics and Performance magazine, October 2003, by Wayne Ellwood. It describes the evolution of the G2 and the role of the U S Rubber Co. and its Vibrin resins in great detail with some interesting construction pictures. A copy can be obtained by going to their Website
There has been good action in our club since the last Newsletter and the number of G2’s on record keeps growing:
11 Class 1, show condition
8 Class 2, good and running
15 Class 3, in restoration
6 Class 4, unknown condition
That makes 40 G2’s that I’m tracking, almost half of the estimated 100 built, and that’s not bad. Received an email from Sweden, would you believe, with a picture of the car. The body is not in bad shape and had some damage. I know that some G2’s ended up over in Europe, so if anyone knows of any, let me know.
I continue to get interesting stuff on our great car, one of which is a Cars magazine card of the ’50s, which I found quite interesting. Toly Arutunoff who has the only Glasspar Ascot we know about gave it to me.

nov04-news-detachable nov04-news-fiberglass

     I mentioned in the last Newsletter that I always show my Glasspar as a “production” car, never as a kit or modified car. We should do this, for the Glasspar was unique and the first production fiberglass car. Also, when you restore your car, it should be done in ’50s style. Mine certainly is, and always has been, and took 2nd in the ’50-’54 production car class at a show this summer. Your car, when shown, will bring a bigger crowd than any other because they are beautiful and quite different.
I am getting more frequent requests from people who want to buy a G2 and from those who want to sell one. Am a little loathe to publish names and emails in this Newsletter, so please e-mail or write to me your desires and I’ll do my best to get people together.
A journey you can take into another world of unique fiberglass cars is on the Website of Patrick McLoad. The Site is His father built perhaps ten very beautiful Venus cars, and Patrick has acquired probably the only one in existence. A fine site and well worth visiting.
Our Website has well over 3,000 hits on it, showing that there is interest in the Glasspar, even though we don’t get the feedback. I do get calls and emails each week, many from those that have seen the Site. Will be updating the Site soon and maybe Showcasing my own G2, for it has not been modified since built in ’53 and looks like something that could have rolled off Bill Tritt’s assembly line.
I have often wondered where GEICO got the little G2 for their Gecko to ride around in. Have had many calls on it!

Keep the calls and emails coming and let me know what more the Club can do for you and your Glasspar G2.

Best regards

Bill Hoover

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