Newsletter 6: May 25th, 2005

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Newsletter No. 6        May 25, 2005

Dear Glasspar G-2 Club Members

     I sent out quite a list of potential Glasspar buyers and sellers a while back and have had no feedback. Try to be of service to you all in this area, so let me know if any G2’s have changed hands. Also appreciate the heads-up I get from time to time on Glasspars sighted.
We are slowly but surely picking up Wildfire owners in the Club as they have nobody and no club to chat with on their nice cars. There has been so much misinformation on just how many Wildfires Woody Woodill made that I took a lot of time to research it and came up with the numbers noted in the History link on our Website. Talked a lot with Bill Tritt on this, also.
Speaking of the Website, I added my G2 to the Owners’ Showcase cars so you can see what I’ve been driving for the last 50 years. We have our second Ascot!!


     It belongs to Keith Malone and he thinks it is the last one Bill Tritt made and about 75% finished. Zero miles on it. It came from a California estate sale. Bill believes all this may be so, for he remembers the Ascot line and the last cars. Toly Arutunoff has the other Ascot and it is running and in top condition.
At the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale AZ this January, they sold a Glasspar racer for $31,320! Glasspar owner DeWayne Ashmead was there and sent me good pics and data. It was a “celebrity” car noted as having been in the Johnny Dark movie and been owned by James Garner, also last raced in the 1990 Monterey Historics. It has a big engine and no doors. Bill Tritt never built a body without one or two doors, so they must have been glassed in. This is the highest price I have heard of for a Glasspar. Have been unsuccessful in obtaining the name or any info on the buyer, either from Barrett or Hemmings Magazine, who were there.

Barrett-Jackson Glasspar

Keep the input and news of your Glasspar coming in to me.

Best regards

Patrick Hoover- Glasspar Club Registrar


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