Victress in the Press: 1956 – 2005

Victress  In  The  Press  And  On  The  Field
1953 – 2005

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Keith  Kaucher’s  Kit  Concepts  (Victress  C3  Coupe)
Kit  Car  Magazine:  July,  2000


The  Mabee  Special  (Victress  S1A)
Victory  Lane:  July,  1995


Patchwork  Perfection  (Victress  C3  Coupe)
Kit Car Magazine: March, 1984


The  Victress  C3  Coupe
$20,000  Worth  of  Automobile
Griffith  Borgeson  on  Hot  Rods
Fawcett  Book: 1959


The  World’s  Fastest  Sports  Car
The  Guy  Mabee  Special: By  John  Christy
Motor  Life:  August,  1955

Assembly  Line  Dragsters
Victress  Dragster
Rod & Custom: July, 1955

Victress:  Fred  Bodley,  Memoriam
Motor  Trend,  1955

Chet Herbert Catalog
Guy  Mabee  Victress: 1955


A  Car  Is  Born – A  Victress  S4
Motor  Trend:  October,  1954

Prelude  to  the  Salt
Victress, Allied and More, By Dean Moon
MotorLife: September, 1954

Victress  and  Hot  Rodding  in  San  Fernando  Valley,  California
Valley Times: August 19, 1954

Badge  Bar  Journal
The  Guy  Mabee  Special
August,  1954

F.O.B.  (Free On Board)  Backyard
Kurtis,  Victress,  Wildfire,  Maverick  and  More
Motor  America:  Spring,  1954

The  Victress  Fiberglass  Body
Car Life: February, 1954

Fiberglass – Coming  or  Going?
Road  &  Track:  February,  1954

Boyce-Smith  Terminal  Box
Car  Craft:  February,  1954

Stude  Sportster:  Pretty  Enough  To  Be  A  Movie  Star
Virgil  Rice’s  Johnny  Dark  Victress  Special
Car  Craft:  February,  1954

Motorama:  Big,  Bigger,  Biggest – And  Still  Growing
Stan  Weisbard’s  Fiberglass  Bodied  Dragster
Car Craft: February, 1954

The  Streetliner:  Victress  Mabee  Special
1954,  January:  Hot  Rod  Magazine


International  Success:  Fiberglass  Sports  Cars
Motor  Trend: October,  1953

Introducing  The  Victress  S1  Sports  Car
Motor World Magazine: August 28, 1953

Plastic  Bodies  For  Home  Production
Hop Up Magazine: April, 1953