Carl Schoonhoven’s LeMans Coupe

Carl  Schoonhoven’s  LeMans  Coupe

Back in late ‘06 and early ‘07, I had a chance to interview Ed Monegan about his memories of the LeMans Coupe project he worked on with partners Marvin Horton and Alton Johnson.  Part of our interview focused on his memories of one of his friend’s building a car – Carl Schoonhoven from Chatsworth, California.

Ed worked with Carl from ’62 to ’65 at Whittaker Controls.  He remembered that the LeMans Coupe body was the third or fourth of the many built in the first few years.  Ed last saw Carl and his car in ’65.

He shared that Carl had built a LeMans Coupe from scratch in the early ‘60s.  He wanted to fit it to a Jaguar XK120 chassis and to do that he had to widen the fiberglass body.  He could not recall if the doors were made of fiberglass but did recall that they had roll-up windows – so the doors may or may not have been fabricated from metal.  Carl did build the full interior, and made the bucket seats for his LeMans Coupe out of aluminum.

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