1957 Byers SR-100

For  Sale
1957  Byers  SR-100

Designed  by  Jim  Byers
The  Most  Beautiful  Sports  Car  in  the  World

Road  &  Track  Magazine:  February,  1957
1  of  45  Built

The Car For Sale is an Unrestored 1957 Byers SR-100 Sports Car


Byers sports cars and bodies became available in 1955 but reached prominence in February, 1957 when Road & Track featured a beautiful Byers SR-100 roadster on the cover of their magazine.  John Bond, owner of Road & Track, identified it as one of the finest designs for an American sports car that had been built to date and proclaimed it “The World’s Most Beautiful Sports Car” in his feature article.  The car for sale is an unrestored Byers SR-100 shown at the top of this page.  For reference purpose, photos of a restored Byers SR-100 sports car appear below.

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Additional  Detail

Body Design:  Byers SR-100 body by Jim Byers.  Body design derived from 1953 Meteor SR-1 body where Dick Jones and Jim Byers were partners.  Italian inspired design.

Wheelbase:  99 inches – the size of a Corvette in length and width

Chassis:  Modified 1950s chassis with independent front suspension and longitudinal springs at rear

Drivetrain:  none

Production:  45 sports cars and bodies were built

Comparable Sales:  Recently, two Byers SR-100 sports cars went to auction and were nicely sold.  Click Here To View Auction Results For American Specials

Restoration:  This car presents a great starting point for a vintage restoration.  This Byers was built with a hood, trunk and doors (not all were) and shows signs of a high-level build when originally completed.  The best glass to use in terms of style for these cars is the 1953-1955 Corvette windshield – the glass is readily available and inexpensive.  Different approaches can be used for creating a windshield frame.  A number of different wheel treatments would be appropriate from Dayton wire wheels to a Halibrand style kidney bean wheel.  A limited number of hubcaps would also show off this car well.  Chrome is minimal – and sometimes non-existent – on American Specials of the 50s which helps control restoration costs and contributes to the genre of all of these types of cars.  All choices, of course, are up to the new owner.

Concours  Embraced:  American handcrafted specials have been welcomed across the country, and in recent years this has expanded to rallys, special exhibitions and more.  What drives interest in these cars is the unique design and history of the build – in every case a story that is a “one of one.”  Since 2007, major concours such as Amelia and Pebble Beach have held classes of these cars on several occasions, and both the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance and the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance are featuring classes of these cars in 2023.

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For reference purposes, the next two photos are of a restored Byers SR-100 that is not for sale

The photos below are for the unrestored Byers SR-100 that is for sale

Pinstriping on Door indicates a higher level of finish in the distant past – an element that may help to trace the heritage of this Byers SR-100

Pricing  /  Availability

This car is located in Tampa, Florida and is available for purchase at $17,500

Contact  Geoff  Hacker  at  (813) 888-8882  or  Undiscovered.Classics@gmail.com


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