Showcase: Sport Customs

Showcase:  Sport  Customs
Handcrafted  Cars  That  Have  Stood  The  Test  Of  Time

1949   Panache  Sport  Custom
A  Vintage  Build  By  A  Talented  Individual
Owner: Guy Dirkin, Claremont, Florida

1955  Frazer  Sport  Custom
Designed and Built by Walter Omelenchuk of Michigan
Owner: Undiscovered Classics

1948  Kurtis-Omohundro  Comet
Designed by Frank Kurtis and Paul Omohundro
Coachbuilders:  Comet  Industries

Owner: Undiscovered Classics  and  Vintage  Motors  of  Sarasota

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America’s  First  Postwar  Sportcar:
1947  Kurtis-Omohundro  Comet

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1940s Kurtis Sports Cars
Hughs, Buick, Omohundros, KSC