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1947 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet: Owner: Geoffrey Hacker

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What Is A Sport Custom?

The term “Sport Custom” was first used by Dan Post in a series of books on American custom cars starting in 1944 (click here to learn more about Dan Post Publications).  In his writings, Post reviewed the history on how these cars came to be and provided examples of sport custom cars.  Over time, the definition has been refined and generally includes these points:

  • Most sport customs were designed and built in California
  • Sport Custom cars utilized a two-seat design; many with no trunk; some with one or no doors
  • The Southern California temperate weather allowed few sports custom cars to be built with tops.  Most had no tops; others used tonneau (cockpit) covers
  • Most sport customs were designed with a wheelbase of greater than 99″.  The standard American sports cars mostly used a 99″ wheelbase and smaller ones often a 94″ wheelbase.  A typical sport custom car had a wheelbase of greater than 110 inches.
  • Sport custom cars were “sporty” and mean to be performance driven – up to a point.  Unlike sports cars, luxury and appointments in the interior, exterior and other facets of the car (engine compartment, trunk, storage compartment and other) were meant to be finished at a higher level as well with a sense of design.
  • Because of the balance of performance and luxury, Sport Custom Cars are also referred to now – and in-period – as “American Boulevard Cruisers”

Fiberglass  Car  History  And  Marques

Generations 0 thru 4 (1930 to Present)
All Fiberglass Sports Car Marques By Year

Fiberglass  History  Timeline
Explore the Milestones of Using Fiberglass For Automobile Bodies – And More

The  Fiberglass  Story:  History  of  Fiberglass  in  America
Author: Michael Lamm
Invention & Technology: Spring, 2007

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Sport  Customs  Showcase
The  Best  of  Designs,  History,  Innovation  and  Importance
Handcrafted  Cars  That  Have  Stood  The  Test  Of  Time

Production  Numbers

Production  Numbers
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Photography  And  Visual  Impact

Sport Custom Photos
Rare and Beautiful Sports Car Specials For All To See

Sport  Custom  Magazine  Cover  Cars
American  Specials  Featured  On  Magazine  Covers

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In Postwar Europe, 

Vintage  “Build”  And  Instruction  Manuals

Vintage  “Build”  And  Instruction  Manuals
Learn How Glasspar, Lancer, Victress, Woodill and Others Built Their Cars

Restoration  Guide

Restoration  Guide  For  American  Specials
So you’ve got a “Special” and want to restore it?  At Undiscovered Classics, we think it’s “Special” too.  Here are some guidelines to help you through the process.

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Sports  Specials
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