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Strother  MacMinn
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Strother MacMinn was born in Berkeley, California in 1918, the son of a Professor of English Literature at Cal-Tech.  He learned early automobile design through association with Frank Hershey whose firm built custom bodies for Duesenberg, Marmon, Lincoln, Packard and Peerless in the early thirties.  MacMinn went to work for General Motors Styling Section in 1936.  Later he was employed in Buick, Opel “Kapitan”, Truck and Coach, Oldsmobile studios as a stylist.

After a 5-year hitch in the Army, in which he ended up as an Armament Officer with a Fighter Squadron in England, he went back to GM for a short period.  There followed a 5-year association with Henry Dreyfuss’ Pasadena office where he participated in the design for the Consolidated-Vultee “Flying Automobile”, farm machinery, lift trucks, etc.  He began teaching industrial design at the Art Center School in 1948 and doing free-lance design consulting for aircraft, boat, tool and plastic manufacturers.  Mr. MacMinn has acted as judge at some ten Concours d’Elegance held over the past few years in the Los Angeles area.

by Strother MacMinn
Inside  Cover  of  MacMinn’s  1959  Book  “Sports  Cars  of  the  Future”

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