Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals – May 21st-23rd 2010

Harold Pace: Automotive Journalist

Hi Gang…

Some of you may be planning to attend a wonderful show up in the Northeast – it’s called the “Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals” and is held at the Carlisle Fairgrounds in Carlisle Pennsylvannia.

Harold Pace, (click here for Harold’s Bio) automotive historian, kit car enthusiast and writer extraordinaire will be at the event in May and recently contacted me to ask if there would be any vintage 1950’s fiberglass sports cars from our group that would want to attend.  Bruce Meyers – father of the Dune Buggy – will be attending too, and those that go will have a great time meeting him as well.  This will be fun gang!

We’re looking for 3-5 cars such as Glasspar, Victress, Allied, Meteor, Almquist…you know the routine – any cars that would fit into our “Forgotten Fiberglass” genre, and would be showcased for the weekend – and recognized – as some of the founding sports cars that made this part of the hobby feasible and fun.  Think of it as our own area of “Pre-Historic” Fiberglass Sports / Kit Cars.  The honor could not be higher.

So… we’re ready if any of you are up to the task of driving, trailering, and having lots of fun in the late part of May.  Harold Pace will be looking forward to seeing you there and will be on the grounds for the weekend, so be prepared to have all of your vintage kit car questions answered – and have a great time too.

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If you are interested in participating, please contact me via e-mail or phone.  I will coordinate the names for Harold to make sure you all have a blast.  Sound good gang?

The following information is from the AACA Website ( about the Import and Kit National Show:

The Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals is a unique and exciting automotive festival that showcases over 1,200 classic and high-performance vehicles on the 102-acre Carlisle PA Fairgrounds, the weekend of May 21-23, 2010.  The Import & Kit Nationals will once again feature imports from at least seven different countries and thirty-seven unique manufacturers, ranging from concours vintage racecars to high-performance new model sedans and that’s just one aspect of this must-attend event! 

The world’s largest Kit/Replicar gathering can also be found on the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds, showcasing amazing hand assembled kit automobiles and reproduction vehicles, based on the rarest and most collectible models.  The Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals also provides an unbeatable shopping opportunity with a huge vending area, featuring the manufacturers midway – home to the top names in new parts dealers from both the Import and Kit industries. 

Carlisle is also the place to buy a vehicle, with the all-Import/Kit Carlisle Car Corral.  In addition to the huge showfield and terrific shopping, the weekend will be filled with fun for the entire family with on-site autocross racing, a cruise to historic and scenic locations throughout Central Pennsylvania, national and regional club gatherings and a giveaway car drawing

Additional information can be found on the homepage for this event as follows:

Bruce Meyers – Father of the American Dune Buggy

For those of you interested in learning more about Bruce Meyers and the history of the Dune Buggy (remember…’ll get a chance to spend some time with Bruce Meyers too), checkout the Meyers Manx Club website below:

Keep me posted if any of you are interested in attending.  No doubt that those of you that do, will be a focal point in the show given the history and importance of our cars to the legacy of their event.

Glass on gang…


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