Forgotten Fiberglass On The Road to Carlisle: May 17-19 2013 – Seminar 1 – Forgotten Fiberglass

Hi Gang…

Come one, Come all….The Forgotten Fiberglass Gang is heading north in May, 2013 to participate in the Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals.  Good friend Marvin McFalls, President of the Renault Owner’s Club of North America, put us in touch with Ed Buczeskie, Events Manager for the Import and Kit National show and the rest is history.

We’ll be heading north in the middle of May and bringing our 1962 Shark / Tiburon Roadster with us for exhibit.  What fun it will be to present it again to the public for review 🙂


What makes this event even more special is that we will also be holding two seminars on handcrafted cars from the 50s and 60s.  One of these seminars will be with Harold Pace, Rick D’Louhy, and myself (Geoff Hacker) and focus on the history of  building your own car in the 50s and 60s.  The other with Marvin McFalls and both Marvin and I will be discussing Renault-based handcrafted and limited production fiberglass sports cars – more about that next week.  Let’s discuss the first one with Harold Pace today.

Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals
Seminar 1: Forgotten Fiberglass
Speakers:  Harold Pace, Geoff Hacker, Rick D’Louhy

The following information is taken from the Carlisle website (click here for more information):

Why attend this Seminar? When you are explaining your interest in specialty cars it is important that you know the historical context. We are sure you are familiar with the question, “What is it?” or “Who built it?” This seminar will help you understand the history and impact of specialty cars on the automotive world allowing you to wow your audience with your highly credible, in-depth answers to their questions!

Too long untold….too long forgotten…the history of building your own sports car in postwar America has long been clouded in mystery, intrigue, and controversy. Join us for our first ever seminar on this lost time in America chaired by our veteran speaker Harold Pace and welcoming for the first time the folks from Forgotten Fiberglass: Geoff Hacker and Rick D’Louhy.

Their seminar will be set up in panel style with all three speakers taking turns to review the history of handcrafted sports cars spanning the 40s, 50s, and 60s such as the Glasspar G2, Woodill Wildfire, Grantham Stardust, Chicagoan, Devin, LaDawri, Kellison, Fiberfab, CRV, and others.

Forgotten Fiberglass Wants You!  Don’t Forget To Bring Your Vintage Fiberglasss Car Too

Which of you will be bringing your car to Carlisle in May and be featured on our Forgotten Fiberglass website?  Inquiring minds want to know.  And…for those of you who will be bringing your vehicle to display…we welcome you and excitedly await the showing of your car.   See the links, below, for more information about this event and the instructions on registering your car to participate:

Click here for more information on how to register your car and participate in the show:

Click here for more information about the Carlisle show in general

We’re bringing our Shark and…we’d love to see cars such as Victress, Glasspar, Kellison, Woodill Wildfire, Devin, LaDawriKurtis, and others too – some of these kinds of cars are shown below.  Which one of you will attend?  I hope as many of you as possible.  What a great show and event this will be at Carlisle – our first appearance as well.












So come one, come all…we have just about a month to go and Rick D’Louhy and I are already starting to pack.  This will be a fun event for everyone who attends.  And for those of you who attend – stop on by and say hello.  We’ll find a place to meet as a group each night and have a ball talking vintage ‘glass.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…



Forgotten Fiberglass On The Road to Carlisle: May 17-19 2013 – Seminar 1 – Forgotten Fiberglass — 5 Comments

  1. @Roberto…we’ll be reviewing all fiberglass bodied Renaults – many of them were custom built Roberto. We’ll make our presentation available afterward online for everyone to see. Hope this helps…..Geoff

  2. This is a great show guys I’ve been twice and loved it! 82 acres of fields, inside venders as well as outside ,plenty of parking inside the show, I believe you may camp overnight , we use to sleep in our car and be the first ones to eat the huge breakfast they have at the fairgrounds,I got to see the Bradly gt club build a car in the three days I was at the show. The best part was I got to meet Harold Pace (great guy) while he was taken pictures for KIT CAR MAGAZINE at the time.

  3. very curious on the sports fiberglass car over renault’s platform. there was a kind of north american alpine a ? r nasser

  4. I couldn’t make it to Amelia Island but I hope I can make it to this. I’d like to pick your guys brains about my build. Hell, I might even bring my progress with me.

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