Pre-Amelia Roundup at Fiberglass Farms – March 13, 2015

Hi Gang…

Fiberglass Farms has been around for nearly a decade.  Wow!  That’s longer than I would have guessed 🙂

It started out small but has steadily grown as Rick D’Louhy and I have picked up the pace in saving cars across America – and some from Canada too.  Over the years we have pulled cars from “The Farms” and cued them up for restoration – which has been our plan from the start. In fact if we are successful, “The Farms” will only be around for a few years, so we have to enjoy it while we can.

Three years ago we pulled my Shark from the Farm and put it on the restoration path, and ultimately debuted our finished effort at the 2013 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.  Below are photos of the Shark before and after restoration and a video.

DSCN6860 DSC_0397

Two years ago we pulled our 1953 Maverick Sportster (1 of 2 we have) from the Farms and its well on the way to being finished late this year or early 2016.  But I still like to think of Fiberglass Farms in how we characterized it in the stories below:

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Fiberglass Farms First Annual Pre-Amelia Tour

In the past we have given small tours and shared photos of Fiberglass Farms with all of you.  And…. as the years have passed more folks have wanted to check out the one-off, limited production, show cars, concept cars and other rare automobiles we have stored in this remote location.  So this year, we pulled out all the stops and arranged a tour of about 30 folks on the Friday before Amelia.

Most of us met at my home – a place I call the “Glass House” – to begin the tour.  And we had visitors who stayed with me this year – all who arrived to participate at Amelia on Sunday March 15th, 2015.  Ten of them.  It was a full house!

Folks started arriving around 9am and we toured through some of the vehicles that are stored at my house – and recent arrivals too.  Coincidently, our 1937 Gougeon Streamliner had just returned from the final chassis and mechanical/exhaust work and was readily available for review – a neat thing for most of those who attended.

You can see some of the activity at my home that morning – including the Meteor which we had just picked up the day before from the paint shop and had yet to fully assemble.  We had 24 hours to go before we left for Amelia with a finished Meteor SR-1…plenty of time to finish the car 🙂

And….to make it interesting, I decided it would be best to move our unrestored Shark from my home to the Farms, so we hooked up the Shark on its trailer and away we went – to Fiberglass Farms.  Or as I like to say…

Down a dirt road we drive…somewhere in rural Florida….
in search of “Fiberglass Farms”


From Left to Right, Phil Cox of Woodill Wildfire, Geoff Hacker, and Linda Cox (Bentley is the little guy that Linda is holding…)


We did a kick-off speech at the end of the tour at the Glass House to get everyone ready to head to Fiberglass Farms


From Left To Right, Marshall Foxworthy of US Mark II fame, Gerianne Powell, and Merrill Powell From Victress.


Jeff Brown and I (behind the camera) discuss our recent barnfind – the 1955 Allied Cisitalia Swallow. You can see another Allied peeking out at the back, our SWM Gordini, and for those of you with great eyes – our Moon Transporter.

1 2 3 5 7 9 10 11 12

We Arrive at “The Farms”

I’ve never taken so many people out to Fiberglass Farms.  I brought a bull-horn along if I needed one, but it seemed that all went well.  Ten to twenty cars arrived and were parked throughout the area.  RV’s, trailers and more – I think the quiet neighborhood back in the forest may never be the same.

I opened up the gate and let people stroll around and look at the cars that interested them.  And after about 30 minutes, we gathered them around for a talk by Merrill Powell from Victress which I kicked off the introduction.  You can see this below

Let’s check out some of the photos from the tour that day:


Jean Poirier – Glasspar Historian Emeritus – makes a break for the gate of Fiberglass Farms


Recent Arrivals Excitedly Await For The Tour Guest to Enter…


Jean Poirier Wouldn’t Move From This Glasspar G2 For Most of the Day.


From Left to Right, Phil Cox of Woodill Wildfire, Merrill Powell of Victress, and Jean Poirier – Glasspar G2 Historian


Merrill Powell From Victress Begins His Speech and Review Using a Victress S4 as his prop


There are 4 bodies and a full car stored in this one car garage


Ed Watson and Gerianne Powell say “hi.” They stayed safely outside the “zone” where the frenetic activity of the tour took place


And….how many different cars can you spot in this one photo? All are hand built, and most of them the last one known of their respective “marque.”

17 18 20 21 22 26 27 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59

Group Photo – The Forgotten Fiberglass Aficionados!

What visit doesn’t come with a group photo?  At the end of the tour we gathered most of those left and took a shot.  And then we asked them to do something special – something each of you have seen before…

60 61 62


Fiberglass Farms is just one of several facilities we maintain or have partnerships with.  Collectively we refer to these as our “Fiberglass Forest.”  You can learn more about these by clicking the link below.

Click here to learn more about our “Fiberglass Forest”

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember gang…

The adventure continues here at Forgotten Fiberglass.



Pre-Amelia Roundup at Fiberglass Farms – March 13, 2015 — 14 Comments

  1. The vintage quarter and half-midgets would seem to fall under your umbrella. Do you embrace this genus/specie? If so, you widen the cast of your net.

  2. Thanks, Geoff, for a wonderful week in Florida Fiberworld. It was great for this fiberelic to see old and new friends, and to participate in the activities at the Glass House, Fiberglass Farms, the Glass Menagerie and at Amelia. You are a great host, and operate a unique Bed and Breakfast. Gratefully,

    Gerianne and Merrill

  3. Hey Geoff –
    You never cease to amaze me (and others) – your collection of research, cars, and friends is unbelievable! Looks like everyone had a great time! Lot of head scratching going on there….contemplating plans I guess…. I can only imagine the work you have had to put in on the Shark and any other car you did – I know what it takes!

    Really amazing!
    Don’t weaken!
    Bob O

  4. Geoff,
    I really enjoyed all the stories around Amelia. The cars looked great on the show field. I hope to make the pre-show tour next year. Later, Gary

  5. Nice to see these forgotten treasures of the past to be seen in this day present (to me in The Netherlands with the help of internet) and lets hope they will ride again in the future. They are all worth it.

  6. Geoff, thanks again for the invitation. From Friday at the farm, to Sat. and Sun., the trip to and from, and the greatest car show ever, it was a great experience. Looking forward to the Americarna show and then on to Pebble Beach.

  7. Geoff! This was a fantastic ‘tour’ of the farm we didn’t make it to during our last visit! I see you continue to astound people with your legendary hospitality and knowledge of places to feast! Son Rich and I are still working off the pounds we gained. It is a visit none of my crew will ever forget. I’m going to Conn. in the next couple of weeks and plan on taking a laptop so brother Stacey can see more of your treasures.

  8. Fiberglass farms was the highlight of our trip, nowhere in the world could you go and see 27+ of these special sports cars from the 50’s, touch them, sit in them and inspect them as they were found, even at at the Amelia island car show you could only see seven. Geoff showed us the Moon transporter that was owned by the famous MOON EYES Company out in California , and one of my favorites the Gougeon teardrop car made of hand formed aluminum.I have been to hundreds of car shows all over the east coast this was by far the best one ever!
    I have to mention that our host Geofffey Hacker cared about each one of us like we were the only ones there, he had a house full of guest and gave up his own bed not only in his home but at the hotel where he slept in the lobby, he brought us to the coolest resturants and kept us entertained the whole time. Geoff always thought of us first even though he was exhausted, I encourage you all, when you read his stories show your support by leaving a comment and a thank you for always going above and beyond what is expected.

  9. Looks like a glorious day in Glassville. Wish I lived closer and was able to make it out to the ranch! Love your dedication and energy in keeping the legend alive. Way to go Geoff.
    Javier “Alken” Munoz

  10. This may not be in the same vein but I seem to remember an ad for a fiberglass kit that converted a VW beetle into a compact 940 Lincoln Zephyr Continental. Do you have any info on those.

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