The Roth Collection Releases Book – A Focus on Limited Production American Sports Cars

Hi Gang…

I am most honored to make this announcement.

Fred Roth has been a guiding force in recognizing the importance of limited production American sports cars since the beginning – and I do mean “beginning.”  It was Fred’s interest in recognizing these cars that led him in the early 1970s to purchase and restore one of the first Woodill Wildfires – a car built in 1952 before the Corvette debuted.  Ultimately, this Woodill Wildfire sports car was featured in one of the first historical articles about these cars – a 1974 feature on Woodill Wildfire written by good friend Michael Lamm.

That’s 41 years ago ‘glass gang!

And…it’s early enough to consider Fred as being the founder of the movement to save and restore these cars – a movement that I’m happy and honored to participate in with each and every one of you and extend his and his family’s (wife Deanna and son Christopher) great work – now 50 years in the making.

Earlier this year, we met up with Fred, Deanna, and Chris at the 2015 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance where they were showing another special car from their collection – a beautiful Hudson Italia.


From Left To Right: Kyle Feller, Chris Roth, Fred Roth, Deanna Roth, Merrill Powell


Here’s One of Two Hudson Italia Sports Cars Owned By The Roth Collection


Kyle Feller – part of the Forgotten Fiberglass Team – Takes The Wheel of the Hudson Italia While Fred And Family Aren’t Looking…

It was during conversations with Fred at Amelia that I found out he had just published his first book about the importance of his collection with a focus on the broad range of limited production American sports cars built in the 1950s – a very impressive work and something that just a few have written about before.

With Fred’s permission, we are sharing two versions of his book for all to enjoy.  You can click on the first link below which takes you to a website where you can view the book online and turn through each page.  You can also continue to scroll down on this page and view each of the pages of the book online too.  Whichever works best for you.

And away we go 🙂


Click Here To View This Book Online With Page-Turning Software (as a Flipping Book)

The book is also shown – page by page – below:

scan_004 scan_006 scan_007 scan_008 scan_009 scan_010 scan_011 scan_012 scan_013 scan_014 scan_015 scan_016 scan_017 scan_018 scan_019 scan_020 scan_021 scan_022 scan_023 scan_024 scan_025 scan_026 scan_027 scan_028 scan_029 scan_031


Thanks again to Fred, Deanna, and Chris for putting together such an excellent tribute to these cars and their collection, and I hope each of you enjoy the book as much as I do.  If you would like to learn more about these cars, be sure to visit Fred Roth’s website by clicking the link below:

Click Here To View The Roth Website on Limited Production American Sports Cars

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember gang…

The adventure continues here at Forgotten Fiberglass.



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