DM Nacional – South of the Border: January, 1952 Auto Sport Review

This Early 1950s DM Nacional Custom Was Built on a Mercury Chassis

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Thanks to Alden Jewell, we have another “gem” of an article on the sports and custom cars of the Mexican coachbuilding firm DM Nacional.  This article appears in the January, 1952 issue of Auto Sport Review and features 4 of their cars.  In total, DM Nacional built 6 cars over 5 years near Mexico City, Mexico.

Let’s see what this magazine had to say about these four cars back in 1952.

South of the Border:  DM Nacional
Auto Sport Review: January, 1952

Mexicans like individuality, they like their cars to look different.  This desire on the part of our Latin neighbors to have “custom-made” looking cars stems to some extent from the great number of continental brands that were available in Mexico City prior to World War II.

In 1939 and even as late as 1940, spanking new and powerful Mercedes-Benz models were retailed at a company operated Mercedes-Benz agency in Mexico City.  Long low lines, shortened wheelbase and increased horsepower appeals to the Mexicans.  Back in 1939, both the Mercury and Ford distributors in Mexico City displayed and competed in national automobile events specifically built cars on Ford and Mercury chassis.

Today, D.M. Nacional, located in Mexico City, are designing and creating custom cars on American chassis to satisfy the tastes of their sports-minded customers.


In the last 15 years, we’ve located one of the DM Nacional cars and it was here in the USA.  The Galindo family which was the family behind DM Nacional believes the other 5 cars stayed in Mexico.  Where are these cars today?  Our DM Nacional friends in Mexico are trying to answer just that question and we’re hoping to share good news soon 🙂

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