Forgotten Fiberglass Interview on Classic Car Garage Radio With Jeff Shade – Now Available

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We are honored here at Forgotten Fiberglass to have folks interested in what we do and the cars we study.  Last month I received a call from Jeff Shade of Classic Car Garage TV and Radio.  Jeff’s enterprise has been with us for nearly 20 years.  Here’s what he shares about the history of Classic Car Garage:

Classic Car Garage is arguably the original automotive restoration TV show. The first episode was broadcast in 1998 on Los Angeles / Orange County TV station KDOC TV Saturday mornings at 10AM and was a hit with LA car nuts. It was produced and hosted by Jeff Shade, who still performs those duties today. The first series project car was a 1968 California Special Mustang. The next series followed the restoration of a 1956 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery and was broadcast nationally on “The Outdoor Network” the following year. The shop for those shows was in Anaheim California.

The new incarnation of our show is now seen on local TV stations around the country with a non-commercial version for PBS in the works. The show is currently produced out of Seattle, with post-production done by Daniel Brown Productions in Morro Bay California. In keeping with the times, episodes are now available online as “webisodes” so you can watch on your schedule.

Our mission is to educate and entertain you without the scripted, fake drama so common with today’s so-called “reality” TV. No temper tantrums, abusive shop employees and employers, unrealistic deadlines, and bad acting – just REAL people showing you how to do it yourself. We know that’s what our viewers want – they’ve let us know.

Jeff Shade is indeed a real car guy and has been expanding his enterprise into other areas lately – most recently into radio broadcasts and podcasts.  He’s interviewed some really neat people including George Barris, Keith Martin, Dennis Gage, Tom Cotter, Chip Foose and many others.

Click here for a full list of available interviews posted for your listening review.

And as of this month, Jeff has added myself and Forgotten Fiberglass to the interviews available on his website.  Our interview lasted 15 minutes and you can click on the link below listen to Jeff’s interview:



Thanks again to Jeff Shade of Classic Car Garage in sharing our Forgotten Fiberglass story with his viewers, readers, and listeners alike.  Greatly appreciated Jeff!  And be sure to explore Jeff’s website – Classic Car Garage.

Click Here To Visit The Home Page of Classic Car Garage.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember gang…

The adventure continues here at Forgotten Fiberglass.



Forgotten Fiberglass Interview on Classic Car Garage Radio With Jeff Shade – Now Available — 2 Comments

  1. Great interview with Classic Car Garage, wish it was a longer broadcast.
    Really enjoyed hearing all about the past history of these fiberglass pieces of art.
    Thanks for your time, Dennis Gerdes

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