Undiscovered Classics Appears on Mark Greene’s “Cars Yeah!”

Hi Gang…

Today I’m honored to appear on Mark Greene’s “Car Yeah” automotive show.  Since I first met Mark and appeared on his show in 2014, he’s expanded into TV with a first season under his belt last year.  Earlier this month he launched a new Podcast called “Buy / Sell / Hold” with Keith Martin of Sports Car Market that looks to be a hit in every way.  Impressive work and we’re proud to be associated with Mark Greene and Cars Yeah.

Click here to learn more about Mark Green, Cars Yeah & More

If you’re new to Cars Yeah, here’s a bit more information on this podcast from his website:

Mark Green and Cars Yeah

CarsYeah podcast is a 5-day-a-week show hosted by me, Mark Greene. I am an incurable automotive enthusiast interviewing successful automotive entrepreneurs who live a lifestyle around their passion for automobiles. My guests include: Artists, celebrities, journalists, authors, concours directors, racers, designer, builders, and more.

I take you on their journey, get under the hood, and provide some inspiration. You will find over 1,475 shows on Apple Podcast, Stitcher Radio, YouTube, Google Play iHeartRadio, Spotify, Alexa Tunein, or here on the Cars Yeah website Podcast pages.

Don’t forget to subscribe and get your free Fill ‘R Up Book. I also co-host a weekly podcast with Keith Martin, publisher of Sports Car Market, titled Buy Sell Hold. We interview industry experts in the world of collector car investing. You’ll find the shows here on the Cars Yeah website.

During our interview I had a chance to talk about the background of Undiscovered Classics, some of the special cars and stories we have wrangled and some of our challenges too.  So….let’s have at it gang and for those of you interested in these cars, their history, and the way in which all of us in our group are collaborating to help save and share the history of handcrafted cars in the postwar era, click on the link below.  When you get to the page, you can begin to listen to the interview by clicking on the words “Start Podcast” near the top left corner of the page:

Click Here to Listen to Our “Cars Yeah” Interview


Thanks again to Mark Greene for hosting such a fine website and sharing interviews with such a diverse group of car guys and gals – 5 days a week.  Very impressive!  And you can learn more about his mission and website by clicking on the following link:

Click Here To Visit The Home Page of “Cars Yeah”

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.


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