Hagerty’s Magazine Highlights Forgotten Fiberglass Website (and other cool websites too!)

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It was with great surprise and honor that I found our website mentioned in the Spring 2010 issue of “Hagerty’s – Fuel for the Motoring Lifestyle” Automobile magazine.  Bill Sigworth, Naugatuk Plastics Company historian and Chemtura employee emeritus (Chemtura was formerly Naugatuk – Glasspar’s supporter and provider of resin), sent this in last week. (Thanks Bill!).

In Hagerty’s Spring 2010 issue, author Steve Haas profiled 7 favorite websites that the folks at Hagerty found interesting, useful, and educational concerning buying, selling, documenting, and learning about collector cars.  Here’s what they had to say about forgottenfiberglass.com:

Revs (positives): The site is dedicated to an interesting niche of automotive history: fiberglass customs of the early post World War II era.  Most of us are familiar with the relatively ubiquitous modern Shelby Cobra recreations, but custom fiberglass bodies have a long history and many featured their own unique (and sometimes amazing) styling.  It’s obviously a passionate homage to these cars.  And with a “Forgotten Fiberglass” class planned for the 2010 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, this site is required reading for those planning to attend and who appreciate the show.

Backfires (negatives): Limited audience appeal, but still a facinating place to spend some time and a great example of the Internet’s ability to give a home to obscure segments of the hobby.

Be sure to checkout some of the other websites mentioned by Steve in the article below.  The Tucker website is my favorite.  For those of you interested in learning more about Hagerty Magazine, be sure to checkout the link below.  You can even download previous issues of the magazine right from this website:


I’d like to thank Steve Haas, Jonathan Stein, and the folks at Hagerty’s magazine for such a nice recognition in their magazine.  I hope we continue to live up to their expectations and faithfully provide interesting and relevant stories for everyone.

With Hagerty’s Magazine’s approval, we have reproduced the article for you below.  Thanks again to Jonathan Stein of Hagerty’s Magazine for permission to do so and share with our interest group.

Happy Holidays and…Glass on gang.


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