Showcase: 1953 Maverick Sportster – (to be completed)

Showcase 1953  Maverick Sportster –  (to  be  completed) Owners:  Tom  Chandler  and  Undiscovered  Classics (insert slide deck here) History  of  This  Car “The Maverick Sportster is a Land-Bound Pegasus with airborne power and cloud-like riding quality” (Maverick Sportster brochure, 1953) … Continue reading

Showcase: 1952 Manta Ray

Showcase 1952  Manta  Ray Designed  and  Built  By  Glenn  Hire  and  Vernon  Antoine Owners:  Donald  and  Lori  Lacer, Junction City, Kansas —   One  of  America’s  First  Postwar  Show  Cars  — Best  Viewed  In  Landscape  Mode Use  On-Screen  Arrows  To  Move  … Continue reading

Showcase: 1956 Bangert Manta Ray

Showcase 1956  Bangert  Manta  Ray Design  by  Noel  (Marshall)  Bangert Owner:  Jack  Farr,  Cresson,  Texas —  Based  on  The  Styling  of  the  Buick  Wildcat  II  Concept  Car  —   History  of  This  Car Noel Bangert launched his first car to … Continue reading

Showcase: 1955 Frazer Sport Custom

Showcase 1955  Frazer  Custom:  Walter  Omelenchuk  Special Owner:  Undiscovered  Classics   History This one-off custom show car was built by Walter Omelenchuk who started building it in 1954 and finished it in 1955. Starting with a 1947 Frazer, Walter designed … Continue reading

Showcase: 1956 Byers SR-100 – Jack Farr

Showcase 1956  Byers  SR-100 Design  by  Jim  Byers Owner:  Jack  Farr,  Cresson,  Texas —  The  World’s  Most  Beautiful  Sports  Car — Road  &  Track,  February,  1957   History  of  This  Car This car was originally built by two enthusiasts in the … Continue reading

Showcase: 1954 Debonnaire – Paul Sable

Showcase 1954  Debonnaire / Venture Design  By  Phillip  Egan  (from  the  Tucker  Design  Team) Owner:  Paul Sable,  Jim  Thorpe,  Pennsylvania —   America’s  Boulevard  Sports  Car  — History  of  This  Car This was one of the Debonnaire’s built by the factory.  … Continue reading

Showcase: 1966 Cannara I Special

Showcase 1966  Cannara  I Designed  and  Built  By  Ray  Cannara Owner:  Guy  Dirkin,  Ph.D.,  Clermont,  Florida —   Designed  at  the  Beginning  of  the  Wedge  Car  Movement  — History of This Car Ray Cannara, a native Floridian was a successful designer … Continue reading

History: 1958 LeMans Coupe by Strother MacMinn

History LeMans  Coupe  (1958) Design  By  Strother  MacMinn 1958  LeMans  Coupe  by  Strother  MacMinn —  The  Most  Exciting  Sports  Car  Design  Constructed  In  The  USA  In  Years — Robert  Cumberford:  SCG  Magazine,  March  1960 No other “Special” of the 1950s … Continue reading

Showcase: 1950 Leo Lyons Custom Mercury

Showcase 1950  Leo  Lyons  Custom  Mercury Owner:  Undiscovered  Classics History  of  This  Car In 1950, Leo Lyons had a dream of building a 2-seater coupe of unique design. His initial plans called for building 10 identical cars, so he set … Continue reading

Showcase: 1949 Panache

Showcase 1949  Panache  Sport  Custom Owner:  Undiscovered  Classics Undiscovered Classics is working to restore this Sport Custom European styled sports car.   History of This Car Sport Custom cars appeared as a postwar car movement where the design and build of … Continue reading

Showcase: 1954 Victress S1 – Motor Trend Victress

Showcase 1954  Victress  S1A Design  By  Doc Boyce-Smith  and  Hugh  Jorgensen Owner:  Guy  Dirkin,  Clermont,  Florida —  The  Lost  Motor  Trend  Victress — Built  By  Fred  Bodley – Motor Trend Technical Editor History of This Car The 1954 “Motor Trend” … Continue reading

Showcase: 1952 Glasspar G2

Showcase 1952  Glasspar  G2 Design  By  Bill  Tritt Owners:  Brian  and  Sue  Ford,  Christchurch,  New  Zealand Best  Viewed  In  Landscape  Mode Use  On-Screen  Arrows  To  Move  Thru  Photos History  of  This  Car The Glasspar G2 is considered by many to … Continue reading

Showcase: 1952 Voodoo Gardner

Showcase 1952  Voodoo  Gardner Designed  and  Built  By  Jerry  Gardner Owners:  Brian  and  Sue  Ford,  Christchurch,  New  Zealand —   The  Mightiest  Postwar  Special  Ever  Built  — Click on the Links Below For More Information Story: EXTRA EXTRA….The 1952 Voodoo Gardner … Continue reading

Showcase: 1948 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet

Showcase 1948 Kurtis Omohundro Comet Owners:  Undiscovered  Classics  and  Vintage  Motors  of  Sarasota Undiscovered Classics is partnering with Martin Godbey owner of Vintage Motors of Sarasota and Sarasota Classic Car Museum in Sarasota, Florida to restore and show this car.  Click … Continue reading

Showcase: 1949 Packard Monte Carlo

Showcase 1949  Packard  Monte  Carlo Owner:  Undiscovered  Classics Recently acquired in 2018, we’re in the process of researching the connection between our 1949 Packard Monte Carlo Super 8 Convertible and the 1949 Packard Monte Carlo Hardtop by Richard Arbib of … Continue reading