Showcase: 1956 Bangert Manta Ray

Showcase 1956  Bangert  Manta  Ray Design  by  Noel  (Marshall)  Bangert Owner:  Jack  Farr,  Cresson,  Texas —  Based  on  The  Styling  of  the  Buick  Wildcat  II  Concept  Car  —   History  of  This  Car Noel Bangert launched his first car to … Continue reading

Showcase: 1954 Debonnaire – Paul Sable

Showcase 1954  Debonnaire / Venture Design  By  Phillip  Egan  (from  the  Tucker  Design  Team) Owner:  Paul Sable,  Jim  Thorpe,  Pennsylvania —   America’s  Boulevard  Sports  Car  — History  of  This  Car This was one of the Debonnaire’s built by the factory.  … Continue reading

Showcase: 1966 Cannara

Showcase 1966 Cannara Built at the Beginning of the Wedge Car Movement —   Strother MacMinn Was Ray Cannara’s Mentor at the ArtCenter  — History  of  This  Car Ray Cannara, a native Floridian was a successful designer from the start winning … Continue reading

History: 1958 LeMans Coupe by Strother MacMinn

History LeMans  Coupe  (1958) Design  By  Strother  MacMinn 1958  LeMans  Coupe  by  Strother  MacMinn —  The  Most  Exciting  Sports  Car  Design  Constructed  In  The  USA  In  Years — Robert  Cumberford:  SCG  Magazine,  March  1960 No other “Special” of the 1950s … Continue reading

Showcase: 1950 Leo Lyons Custom Mercury

Showcase 1950  Leo  Lyons  Custom  Mercury Owner:  Undiscovered  Classics History  of  This  Car In 1950, Leo Lyons had a dream of building a 2-seater coupe of unique design. His initial plans called for building 10 identical cars, so he set … Continue reading

Showcase: 1952 Glasspar G2

Showcase 1952  Glasspar  G2 Design  By  Bill  Tritt Owners:  Brian  and  Sue  Ford,  Christchurch,  New  Zealand Best  Viewed  In  Landscape  Mode Use  On-Screen  Arrows  To  Move  Thru  Photos History  of  This  Car The Glasspar G2 is considered by many to … Continue reading

Showcase: 1952 Voodoo Gardner

Showcase 1952  Voodoo  Gardner Designed  and  Built  By  Jerry  Gardner Owners:  Brian  and  Sue  Ford,  Christchurch,  New  Zealand —   The  Mightiest  Postwar  Special  Ever  Built  — Click on the Links Below For More Information Story: EXTRA EXTRA….The 1952 Voodoo Gardner … Continue reading