New Styling Ideas From Ford – Motor Trend: April, 1952

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I mentioned in an earlier article that if you wanted to get into the minds of the designers and builders from the 50s, you have to immerse yourself into the events of the days, the materials they were reading, and the culture of the times.

Today’s article highlights some pretty neat concept models from back then – and these were from the Ford Styling Department.  One model has hauntingly similar lines to the mystery car that Darren Swanson owns that ‘ought to rock his world.  My favorite is the model with “semi-classic lines” with imitation wickerwork on the doors.  Of course I’ve always tended to like the extremes of design, so no surprise there.

Let’s have a look at what they said and the concept models too.  Away we go…

Ford’s Advanced Stylists Have One Permanent Assignment – To Guess the Fashion of the Future
Through a Glass, Darkly – Motor Trend: April, 1952

If, when you look at the modern-day cars, you get the idea they haven’t changed much over the last few years, you’re not far from wrong.  Car changes must come gradually – the public, as a whole, just doesn’t want to accept radically new concepts in styling.

This doesn’t mean that auto stylists aren’t looking ahead.  At Ford Motor Company, for example, advance stylists are peering way into the future.  The ideas they sketch on paper are not necessarily practical ones, but are the formulation of a theme or motif.

This is what helps to create a better product – the search for something new and different.  On these pages are a few of these sketches transformed into the 3/8 scale model stage.  Some may get into the detail planning stage, but it more likely that not one will ever poke its nose out of the Ford Styling Department.

Would you buy one if it did?







Me?  I’m the wrong guy to ask in terms of “buying one if it did exist.”  My answer would be “absolutely!”  And…it’s from articles like this that the designers and builders back in the day took their inspiration.  Some turned out great, sporty looking cars that appealed to many, while others…not so much.  But…we applaud of them in equal fashion and celebrate their success here at Forgotten Fiberglass.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

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New Styling Ideas From Ford – Motor Trend: April, 1952 — 4 Comments

  1. Third one down again…. I also see an abridged mid-1950s Lincoln Continental windscreen and greenhouse. Many of these factory styling proposals look strange in total but contain aspects that reach production in one form or another….

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