Artwork for American Specials of the 40s, 50s and 60s

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As they say, “The Punishment of Success is More Work” – and we’ve been keeping Dan Palatnik and his rendering skill busy here at Undiscovered Classics. 

Dan is our “artist in residence” here whose actual residence is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  But we like to call him our “Artist in Residence” anyway.  Since 2010, Dan has been instrumental in creating a number of 3D images and line art for the variety of cars we’ve been restoring and researching – both for ourselves and for our customers.

Most recently Dan has created a series of posters for us that are free for you to download.  So far we’ve released three of these posters with two more ready to be released soon.

Click  Here  To  View  Dan  Palatnik’s  Posters  Created  For  Undiscovered  Classics


One of the benefits that we quickly saw in creating these posters was separating out the images that we’ve created for each poster to be used for other purposes.  Some of you may have already noticed the new imagery in our Undiscovered Classics banner.  You can look “up” to see the banner or below to see two images of the banner.  At this time, there are 21 different banners with 21 different images.

These images have been pre-loaded into the website and are randomly chosen each time you visit any page. Even if you “refresh” the same page – another image is randomly chosen and you have a 1 out 21 chance of the image changing.  Good odds gang.

And when you move from page to page in the website, the banner is randomly chosen again so that it changes each time you change pages.  In the future, we’ll be adding to these original 21 Dan Palatnik rendered images – once we let him rest from creating the batch you are viewing here 🙂

In developing these new banner images created by Dan, we added detailed information that appears below each car.  The number of people visiting our website is growing each month – 25,000+ and counting.  Without the information below each car, they would not know what it is, the approximate size, the number made and so on.  This makes each banner more useful to all of us.

Additional Uses

Most recently, Rollie Langston and I were discussing the idea that we could use these images in another way – and that’s is to release individual images to you for use in any way you wish.  And that’s exactly what we’re doing with this posting today.

Below are 21 images Dan developed for three of our posters (the third poster in this series will soon be released).  As of today, you can download and share any of these images at no cost.  It’s a plus having superb imagery to share.  Now that many examples of these cars have either been recently restored or are coming out of restoration soon, it means that these images may help you promote these beautiful but lost and forgotten American sports cars, and share these images with anyone you wish.

So…below are the 21 images.  Most of you can save them to your computers by right clicking and saving the image to your computer.  Others with phones, tablets, or more can easily determine the procedure to download the image(s) you wish and share and share alike.

So let’s take a look at the individual images gang 🙂

Rare American Handbuilt Sports Cars and Specials


We’ll be sharing additional images in the future.  Those of you who would like to learn more about Dan Palatnik and his artistry, please click on the link below, and great thanks again to Dan Palatnik for the terrific job he does for both ourselves and our customers.

Click Here To Learn More About the Artwork of Dan Palatnik

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.



Artwork for American Specials of the 40s, 50s and 60s — 1 Comment

  1. Simply beautiful artwork! I wish I had that gift.
    Dan Palatnik is among the best I have ever seen.
    We are lucky to have him recreating these lost and
    undiscovered classics! Well done Dan!

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