The 1953 Manta Ray Appears on Wayne Carini’s “Chasing Classic Cars”

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Last fall I shared with you a great article on the 1953 Manta Ray Concept Car built by Glenn Hire and Vernon Antoine of Whittier, California.  Click here to review this earlier story about the Manta Ray written by Dean Moon.


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As luck would have it, one of our own group – D.E. Lacer – owns this car and it has been in his family since 1959 when D.E.’s father traded three cars for it so that he could add the Manta Ray to his collection.

The Manta Ray has remained untouched since.  Check out some recent photos D.E. sent in of his car:

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Last year, classic and unusual car champion Wayne Carini dropped in to say hello to D.E. and his Manta Ray.  Recently they posted a short video showing this segment of “Chasing Classic Cars” and you can see the glean in Wayne’s eye – and the fun he had – in checking out this car in person.  Here’s the video for your review:


Thanks to Wayne Carini for focusing on such a great car – built in fiberglass as many concept cars were built back then.  And…great thanks goes to D.E. Lacer for sharing such a special car with car enthusiasts across the globe.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember gang…

The adventure continues here at Forgotten Fiberglass.



The 1953 Manta Ray Appears on Wayne Carini’s “Chasing Classic Cars” — 4 Comments

  1. My wife just saw the video and said , Wow I wouldn’t mind us having something like that!
    That’s how you stay married 42 years find a woman that loves cars.

    Love the car great story, I’m still wondering if you can steer the front wheels, quality is so good it looks like it could be a GM concept car.

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