American Specials Buyer’s Guide: Sports Specials, Sports Customs and More

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We’ve been working up a new tool for current enthusiasts and newcomers to Undiscovered Classics – a tool where you can learn more about these handcrafted cars via a single page.  And this new tool is ready as of today.  Introducing our first…

American Specials Buyers Guide”  

As you’ve seen most recently at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, handcrafted American sports cars are being restored and appearing at events with greater frequency.  As we speak, several sports specials owned by new and veteran Undiscovered Classics enthusiasts are due to be completed this year and start the concours, racing and show car circuit.  It may be that 2020 is finally the breakout year for this category of handcrafted American sports cars.  And the breakout is beyond the cars that our team at Undiscovered Classics is restoring ourselves.

Undiscovered Classics “American Specials Buyers Guide”

The Buyers Guide For American Specials focuses on four areas:

  1. History” – An area where people can read modern and vintage articles on American sports specials
  2. Trends” – Recent events which support a growing appreciation of American handcrafted sports cars
  3. “Valuation” – Auction results for sports specials and a link to the Hagerty Valuation Guide
  4. “Appraisal Services” – A new offering by Undiscovered Classics which helps validate the history and value of sports specials

Those of you who want to visit this new offering from Undiscovered Classics can click on the link below:

American  Specials  Buyers  Guide


We hope that you find this new feature valuable to learning more about American handcrafted sports cars.  And we will continue to update our Buyers Guide in each of these four areas as relevant information becomes available in the media (price, auctions, significant articles, etc).

Hope you enjoyed the story, and remember…

The adventure continues here at Undiscovered Classics.



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  1. I think we met at Amelia Island. I have the what is believed to be the only extant Kellison J-5 roadster. It is an active race car, although 2020 events are now on hold. If you do not have info on it I would gladly supply a history & photos. It is 1 of the 2 cars built by Jim Kellison to compete at the Salt Flats. Original chassis by Chuck Manning.

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