Astra / Allied Car Catalog, 1965: Kellison Car Affiliate

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Today’s story features a catalog from Allied – formerly known as “Astra” – which was a Kellison Sports Car Affiliate.  And boy did they make nice catalogs!

This is a short one – just 4 pages and includes an insert sales sheet – but this catalog shows the product line of Allied nicely.  The company used the name “Astra” thru at least early ’63, and then in ’64 or ’65 started using the “Allied” name for their company.  We’re still in the process of identifying the exact year of the name change.  The name “Astra” still accurately described their sports car bodies thru the transition to their new name.

Let’s see what Allied Fiberglass Company had to say in ’65 about the products offered to an enthusiastic public.

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Allied Fiberglass Company Presents:
The Parade of Fiberglass (1965)


Any fiberglass company in the ‘60s had to offer more than one product line to attract as much attention – and business – as possible, and you have to give the folks at Allied credit – they were expanding their line and business looked organized and professionally presented.

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Astra / Allied Car Catalog, 1965: Kellison Car Affiliate — 2 Comments

  1. Of course this “Allied” had nothing to do with Bill Burke’s Allied/Atlas company, which produced the great Cisitalia knock-off. That’s the beauty of fiberglass—you can copy almost anything with a little effort.

  2. The Flip Top for the Falcon Ranchero was a “knock-off” of the Victress Tip Topper; probably why we didn’t sell too many! We even got a design patent on it. Les Dawes continued to offer the Tip Topper after we sold Victress to La Dawri.

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