1948 Norman Timbs Streamliner Book Now Available – And More!

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Great news gang.  One of my favorite postwar sports cars, the 1948 Timbs Streamliner, will begin the restoration and rebuilding process in the near future.  Great friends Gary and Diane Cerveny, owners of the Timbs Streamliner lost this and many other special cars and memories back in the Malibu, California fire several years ago.  Putting the plan together to bring this car back for all to enjoy has already been – and will continue to be – a multi-year project.  But the good news is that all is in place and restoration will begin soon.  I can’t wait to see the finished car again on the show fields for all to enjoy.

To celebrate the beginning of this project, I asked and received permission to share the “Judge’s Book” especially prepared by the Cerveny’s for the 2010 debut of the Timbs Streamliner at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.  With a bit of pushing and prodding of the ole computer keys, we were able to bring this book to you now in online form.  All 84 pages of it.  So let’s not delay and get those of you who want to begin reading the book and viewing the history of the Timbs Streamliner on their “forward march.”

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1948 Norman Timbs Streamliner Book Now Available – And More! — 11 Comments

  1. Geoff, I appreciate the effort you put in here. The book is excellent. This is a great car, what a symbol of the optimism of the times.
    I like Bob’s comment about welding aluminum. I recently welded some aluminum and even with modern equipment it is a black art.

    • @Scott…thanks for the kind words, and glad you enjoyed the book. It’s quite a car – and will be again. Best, Geoff

  2. Geoff, of course the book is magnificent! No pics of the damage after the fire?

    And my friend, Stan Betz of Betz Speed & Color in Orange, California always mixed my paints for 30 years or so. Nice to see him pictured in the book. A real unsung hero and wizard with mixing and matching paints. AND he usually did it all by eyeballing. He had a little stool where he could sit outside behind his shop on sunny days and match any color dead ringer. I still have special paints he mixed for me long ago.

    By the way, there were a number of cars with real gold flecks in the paint. This became a popular fad that lasted for quite a while. There was a Packard that preceded the Timbs Streamliner… and another that followed it (the Pan American concept cars). DuPont made paint with real gold especially for Henney and Richard Arbib.

    I will look forward to seeing progress on the restoration from the fire damage. Thanks for providing this wonderful history.

  3. So sorry to read that this wonderful piece of Americana was caught up in the California fires and am glad to hear that it is going to be restored. I have tried to read the book but my laptop doesn’t give me enough definition so I ended up really studying the pictures, which I found to be self explanatory so that helped, however, I would be very interested to see the after fire pictures to see just how bad it is before the restoration. Good luck with the resto and looking forward to it’s completion in due course.

    • Ken….at the bottom of each page of the online book are a series of buttons. One of them allows you to download a pdf version of the book which you can read offline (not connected to the internet). Let me know if you take this action and if it helps. Thanks for sharing your comments. Best, Geoff

  4. Geoff
    I have always liked this car myself. The body lines are so sleek it’s hard for me to look away. I never realised that it had been lost in the fires here in Southern California. I regret not being able to download the book to my phone, but am looking forward to getting a new computer soon.
    Keep in touch and Thanks for all your History and Research Time of these Undiscovered Classics.
    Regards, Dennis Gerdes

  5. So glad to hear this car is going to be restored. I assumed it was lost forever. The online book is great. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting it, Geoff.

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