Petersen Automotive Museum – Fiberglass Day: Part 1

Eric Schultz and His Son Kenny Arrive at the Petersen Museum for “Fiberglass Day” For a Day of Fun, Cars, Exhibits, Forums, and Fiberglass!

Hi Gang..

Back on June 26th, the Petersen Automotive Museum scheduled a “mid-exhibit” event to punctuate their “Fantasies in Fiberglass” display that was being held throughout most of 2010.  Click here for more information concerning this event held in 2010.   This was called “Fiberglass Day” and it was a fiber-fantastic success!  On this day, the audience was treated to the following speakers:

Raffi Minasian’s 1979 Pegaso – Hand Built When Raffi Was Just a Lad – Was a Smashing Success – More About This Wonderful Sports Car In A Future Story…

  • Opening:  Clayton Dresher, Education Manager for Petersen Automotive Museum
  • Frank Hecox:  Glasspar G2 employee – one of four folks who built the cars from 1952 thru 1954
  • Merrill Powell: Co-owner of Victress from 1953-1961 and designer of the famous Victress C2 and C3 Sports Cars
  • Wally and Harry Hansen:  Brothers who built 3 fiberglass sports cars called the “Cobra” and displayed their cars at the 1955 Petersen Motorama
  • Bruce Meyers:  The father of the Dune Buggy – legendary builder, designer, and visionary
  • Harold Pace: Noted automotive historian, sports car enthusiast, author of the best book on vintage kit cars “The Big Guide to Kit and Specialty Cars”
  • And I was asked to emcee the event – an honor indeed

The event lasted just 2 hours but what fun it was and information we covered.  Audience members could come and go as they please as we covered the early years of fiberglass sports cars thru the latest trends in the kit car industry.

After Much Coaxing, I convinced Mary Brisson, Curatorial Assistant for the Petersen Automotive Museum to Try Out the “Shark” on Display. As I Remember…..She Wouldn’t Give The Keys Back….*wink*

Clayton Drescher, Education Manager for the Petersen Automotive Museum was responsible for creating, coordinating, staffing, and making this event a success in every way possible, and I thank him on behalf of all of us fiberglass enthusiasts out there.  It was a wonderful event Clayton.  Thanks for making this happen.

The video we have from the event is good, and you can easily hear the speakers.  However, this was held outdoors so accoustically – we have lots of echo.  To make this easier to follow, I thought it would be best to break the video into several segments, and I’ll be posting these segments – each 10-20 minutes long – over the next 2 weeks on our website.  I hope you enjoy each of them.

Kids Were a Big Part of That Day and Are Enthusiastically Welcomed at The Petersen Automotive Museum. Can You Guess Which Car This Was???

So….without further adieu, let’s launch our first video from that day.  It’s the opening and introduction by Clayton Drescher and myself, and is about 10 minutes long.

Pull up a seat, let the breeze go thru your hair (or where your hair used to be) and get ready to feel that you are going back in time and enjoying the event… if you were there in the audience.  The opening credits run about 15 seconds, and then the video starts.

[vsw id=”7geozp19cTQ” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


Thanks again to Clayton Drescher and Leslie Kendall of the Petersen Museum for making both the Fiberglass Day event and the “Fantasies in Fiberglass” exhibit a reality, and as always gang..

Glass on…


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