Other SWM Race Cars

Other  SWM  Race  Cars Research  Continues  On  The  Car  Below The Mannl family identifies the car below as a car that they didn’t build as currently configured but one that may have been modified over the years.  The family says … Continue reading

Mannl Family Sports/Race Car Story

Mannl  Family  Sports / Race  Car  Story From 1962, Stefan Mannl drove on the BMW 700 coupe circuit and mountain race.  Stefan Mannl, born 1940 and Wenzelmann, 1938 operated a gas station and motor vehicle. Workshop in Munchen.  Inspired by … Continue reading

1969, September: Austro Motor Magazine

Ad For Sale Austro Motor Magazine: September, 1969 Translated Ad “…..also over 200 km/h v-max for the price of approx. 15.000.- German marks is promising the Munich company SWM.  In the small, only 103 cm high sports prototype will run … Continue reading