“Fiberglass Funnies” – Hop-Up Magazine, April 1953

Hi Gang…

As Rick and I have canvassed thru reams of 1950’s magazines, we’ve found many cartoons that touch on – or directly relate to – building and driving fiberglass bodied sports cars.  From time to time, we thought you might enjoy seeing some of these cartoons.  So this makes today our second in a series focused on “Fiberglass Funnies.”

Hop-Up Magazine, April 1953

“Big Bore Ben”  (by Ted Petersen)

“People Who Drive Glass Cars Shouldn’t…”



I’m exploring how to post the panels of the cartoons so they can be easily read.  You’ll see a slightly different format for the pictures above – and no gallery of pictures below.  I hope this makes it easy to read, and fun for everyone.  And… you can click on the following link to review all “Fiberglass Funnies” we’ve posted on our website:

Click here to review “Fiberglass Funnies”

Hope you enjoyed the comic above, and until next time…

Glass on gang…



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