Business Cards – Collect ’em All

Business Cards – Collect ’em All

We’ve always viewed cars as “art” and have taken this theme to our business cards from the start. These cards are also a subtle way of creating interest in rare “Undiscovered Classics” and “Forgotten Fiberglass” as well as sharing with folks the great variety and designs that were prevalent in the postwar years.

Initially in 2010 we produced these on our own printer and passed them out as needed.  In 2011, we changed to having these done professionally and identifying the car by name and year at the bottom. 

We also started printed these cards 2-sided with different cars on each side giving twice the bang for the buck for anyone who wanted our business cards – and teaching people what these cars were too.  Interestingly, we added the phrase “Collect ’em All” which friends of fiberglass were accusing us of doing with the actual cars (in a humorous way of course).

 Our final change from 2012 to present was to support the debut of our cars at Amelia Island or Pebble Beach by creating a business card just for that event. 

You can see the progression below.  As you view the business cards, we hope you enjoy the art and photography, learn a bit about what names go with which cars (and their year), and of course we encourage you to…

“Collect ’em All”

2012 To Present



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