Introducing…Vintage Fiberglass Catalogs, Brochures, & More!

Hi Gang…

Here’s your reading assignment for this weekend – something to do to celebrate “Groundhog Day” here in the states.

Last Fall we created a new section of our website showcasing booklets, catalogs, and brochures from the early 1950’s fiberglass manufacturers and beyond.  We started by placing 11 catalogs online for your review.

But these aren’t ordinary catalogs you would view online.  When you visit the “Vintage Catalogs” section of our website, click on any of the images of the front page of each of these catalogs.  When you take this action, another window will open on your screen and you’ll see the latest software we are using.  Click on the bottom right or left of any page and you’ll advance one page forward or backward in the catalog.

You’ll even hear a sound indicating the page is turning on your computer.   Electronic books are here to stay and this is one way that we hope you’ll enjoy, appreciate, and come to celebrate these cars in the ways that many of us already do.

And by the way….search along the bottom of the web page of each catalog and you’ll find a treasure trove of features that will enhance your viewing experience.

Ready….set…..go and visit the following link to begin your assignment:

Then, let us know what you think in the comments area at the bottom of this story.



And the good news…. you can visit this new feature of our website anytime you like.  Just click on the link titled “Vintage Catalogs” at the top of every page here at Forgotten Fiberglass.  This link is on the “menu bar” of items at the top of every web page.  We’ll be continually adding more catalogs, brochures, and other such items each and every month.

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time…

Glass on gang…



Introducing…Vintage Fiberglass Catalogs, Brochures, & More! — 3 Comments

  1. ~ i am impressed with the level of dedication and thorough involvement that these brochure pages emphasize. reading Matt Tritt’s personal memories give a sense of life to the cars, the companies and those people who brought about this exciting segment of the post-war car culture. i find it noteworthy that you’re able to impart the depth and dimension in this history.

  2. @David…Thanks for the kind words, and I’m glad you like the addition. I think to really appreciate what these guys accomplished – often on their own or with a small dedicated group of partners or friends – is far more striking when you consider that their cars often ended up in the same shows, magazines, motoramas, and the like when compared to the Big Detroit companies with unlimited resources. This new feature will hopefully show you – simultaneously – the early days of the industry and the inspiring designs they created. Just my thoughts David, and thanks for sharing.

    Geoff Hacker
    Forgotten Fiberglass

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