The Buick Wildfire – How Many Did Thou Build?

Hi Gang… A Woodill Wildfire with Buick body modifications?  Headlights, taillights and perhaps even more.  And we’ve found several of these.  How could they exist and what does it mean?  Let’s dive into a bit of history with a recent … Continue reading

Sig Monson’s Award Winning Hemi Powered Glasspar G2: MoPar Parts ‘n People, 1954

Hi Gang… Back in 1952, Sig Monson – already a custom car builder, hands-on automotive man, and automotive dealership owner – was one of the individuals who read about the new fiberglass bodied sports car trend. But…being that he lived … Continue reading

The History of California ‘Glass Cars and The Ricker Glasspar G2 – As Told By Dean Moon

Hi Gang… We’re getting “two-for-one” with this article today.  At first, I thought it was just a great article about the building of Mike Ricker’s Nash “grilled” Glasspar G2.  But then….I read started reading it.  Instead, what I found was an … Continue reading

Ford Dealer J.A. Wright’s Glasspar G2 Special, Covington, Virginia Born and Bred (Ford Times, September 1953)

Hi Gang… As promised, here’s another fiberglass special showcased in a Ford Times magazine – the J.A. Wright Glasspar G2 Special – and this one’s built in Covington Virginia!  That’s a long way away from California – the heart of … Continue reading