Maverick Sportster Brochure: “Land Bound Pegasus With Air-Borne Power And Cloud-Like Riding Quality”

Hi Gang… This is a beautiful brochure from Sterling Gladwin, the designer, creator, and builder of the Maverick Sportster.  Although the Maverick was first offered in late 1952, this brochure is dated as “received” on June 8th, 1955.   We’re still … Continue reading

Maverick Sales Sheet from Industrial Plastics Services (1952) – A Rare Bird Indeed

Hi Gang… Alden Jewell’s collection continues to astound us here at Forgotten Fiberglass.  Recently he shared this flyer not from Maverick Motors but from Industrial Plastics Services.  This was the organization that built the Vale bodies (we hope more than … Continue reading

International Success – of Fiberglass Sports Cars! Part 4: The Maverick Sportster

———– Motor Trend Magazine was so impressed by the success of fiberglass sports cars and the excitement over them that by late ’53 they featured a 6 page article featuring 7 different fiberglass cars you could purchase or build yourself.  They … Continue reading

The Maverick Sportster Debuts in 1952 – “Largest Fiberglass Body Yet Constructed”

Hi Gang… You gotta love the Maverick Sportster from 1952…. It’s a good looking, graceful, and sophisticated design that grabs you the moment you see it.  If fact, it fits a definition of “good looking” that fiberglass friend Robert Cumberford wrote … Continue reading