Johnny Dark Woodill Wildfire #2 Found – Restoration Begins

Hi Gang… Sometimes it comes down to one piece of information….and sometimes it takes a convergence or several multiple pieces of information which together help confirm the history of the car.  Research and validation of a car’s history is what … Continue reading

Lost History Found – Meet John Dragich’s 1953 Zaba Special – Part 1

Hi Gang… At Undiscovered Classics we’re proud to have created a community that both helps with research and invites those with information about these cars to contribute – an active research and collaboration website.  And its just these unique ingredients … Continue reading

FOUND! Mystery Woodill Wildfire in Spring, Texas Finally Reveals Itself

Hi Gang… Ted Griffin and I have been looking for this car for nearly 40 years.  Ok….maybe 40 years for Ted, and less time for me.  Ted first saw this Woodill Wildfire in much better shape in the early 80s.  … Continue reading

The Buick Wildfire – How Many Did Thou Build?

Hi Gang… A Woodill Wildfire with Buick body modifications?  Headlights, taillights and perhaps even more.  And we’ve found several of these.  How could they exist and what does it mean?  Let’s dive into a bit of history with a recent … Continue reading

In Search of the Johnny Dark Woodill Wildfire #1 – The Red One

Hi Gang… One of the most famous fiberglass sports cars of the 1950s is the lead car from the 1954 movie Johnny Dark.  Much speculation has taken place over the last many years concerning whether the car survives and who … Continue reading