Kurtis-Kraft: World’s Largest Builders of Professional Racing Cars – And Smaller “Midget” Race Cars Too!

Hi Gang… Here’s how Frank Kurtis opened up in the sales flyer in today’s story and introduced his company to potential customers: “The Frank Kurtis Company, world’s largest builder of professional racing cars for over 25 years, maintains leadership through … Continue reading

The Salem GMC Kurtis Byers SR100: John Furlow’s Restored Beauty (Sportscar Specials, Trend Book 178, 1958)

Hi Gang… The clamor to share more of the history of John Furlow’s “Salem GMC Kurtis Byers” has been heard.  Today’s article is from the ’58 book by Motor Trend called “Sportscar Specials” – authored by Bob Rolofson. Let’s see … Continue reading

The Birth of the Kurtis Sports Car (KSC): Speed Age January 1948 and Road and Track December 1949

Hi Gang… Questions, Questions, Questions…..I love questions 🙂 What was the first postwar kit or “assembled sports car’ in America? Who made the first full-size “production” sports car in postwar America? Which postwar sports car could be ordered with a … Continue reading

Frank Kurtis and Kurtis Kraft: Postwar American Coachbuilding Royalty: Car Life December, 1961

Hi Gang… We’re in search of detail and history here at Forgotten Fiberglass.  Either directly from the folks and their families who were creating the history, or from first person accounts as narrated by authors in vintage automotive magazines.  Today’s … Continue reading

Chassis Up Guys! Get Yours While They Last….The 1953 Kurtis 500 KK Frame: Hop Up, October 1953

Hi Gang… Consider what it must have been like at the start of building of your own sports car back in the early 50’s.  I imagine many conversations went something like this…. “Hey!  Check out this cool Victress/Glasspar/Woodill/Meteor/Byers/Allied body I … Continue reading