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Fiberglass  History  Timeline
Explore the Milestones of Using Fiberglass For Automobile Bodies – And More

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Forgotten  Fiberglass  Showcase
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Fiberglass  Fact:  Did  You  Know…

Nearly  forty  concept,  dream  and  show  cars  – all  built  of  fiberglass –   were  created  by  the  major  manufacturers  in  Detroit  from  1953  to  1956.  Many  of  these  have  sold  for  several  million  dollars  in  the  past  few  years.

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Production  Numbers

Production  Numbers
Learn  More  About  Bodies  Created,  Cars  Produced  And  More

Vintage  “Build”  And  Instruction  Manuals

Vintage  “Build”  And  Instruction  Manuals
Learn How Glasspar, Lancer, Victress, Woodill and Others Built Their Cars

Restoration  Guide

Restoration  Guide  For  American  Specials
So you’ve got a “Special” and want to restore it?  At Undiscovered Classics, we think it’s “Special” too.  Here are some guidelines to help you through the process.

Fiberglass  Fact:  Did  You  Know…

Fiberglass,  the  Wonder  Material  of  the  1950s,  was  the
“Carbon Fiber”  Of  Its  Day.  People  Flocked  To  Car  Shows
To  See  Sports  Cars  Built  From  The  New  Lightweight  Material –
Fiberglass – Just  Like  They  Do  Today  To  See  A
Sports  Car  Built  Using  “Carbon  Fiber.”

The  History  of  Fiberglass  in  America

The  Fiberglass  Story:  History  of  Fiberglass  in  America
Author: Michael Lamm
Invention & Technology: Spring, 2007

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Fiberglass  Fact:  Did  You  Know…

In Postwar Europe, Coachbuilders Such As Ghia and Touring Built Bodies For Clients and Customers alike – we did in America too but it was almost exclusively in fiberglass.

Victress, Glasspar, Byers….each of these American companies and more like them designed and built custom bodies for their clients and customers – just like their European counterparts.

The  Fiberglass  Forest

Fiberglass Farms, The Glass Menagerie and The Glass house
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