Autoweek: Rollie Langston built an SR-100 in the late 1950s — and used it as a daily driver

When Finished, Rollie Langston’s Byers SR-100 Was One of the Most Attractive Byers Sports Cars Built

Hi Gang… Rollie Langston has continued to be an advocate of handcrafted sports cars since he started building his first one at age 14 – and he finished it 3 years later.  Now in his 70s, he’s building his second … Continue reading

The Rollie Langston Archives

The  Rollie  Langston  Archives Vintage  Byers  Photography Roland “Rollie” Langston started thinking about building a Byers SR-100 in February, 1957 when he first saw the Byers sports car on the cover of Road & Track magazine.  He was just 14 … Continue reading

Original Communication – Rollie Langston

Original  Byers  Communication The  Rollie  Langston  Collection Roland “Rollie” Langston started thinking about building a Byers SR-100 in February, 1957 when he first saw the Byers sports car on the cover of Road & Track magazine.  He was just 14 … Continue reading

Rollie Langston

Rollie Langston Started Building His Byers SR100 in 1957 at 14 Years Old About Rollie Langston Built an SR-100 in the Late 1950s And Used It As A Daily Driver By Graham Kozak Autoweek: April 30, 2019 Rollie Langston and … Continue reading

Byers Contributors

Contributors  To  Byers  Sports  Car  History We’re proud to release this newly created section of Undiscovered Classics that focuses on the history of the Byers Sports cars.  Our research into this marque started in 2007, and took the help of … Continue reading

Undiscovered Classics Contributors

Undiscovered  Classics  Contributors Click on each name below to view articles and information contributed Domestic  Contributors Geoff Hacker – Founder Rollie Langston Guy Dirkin Craig Johnson Nate Bowne Kyle Feller Merrill Powell Paul Sable Dennis Kazmerowski Erich Schultz Joel Driskill … Continue reading

Coupe of Desire – The 1968 Snedeker Coupe

The 1968 Leo Snedecker Coupe – An Artistic Mix of Byers and Kellison

Hi Gang… Dave Peterson’s telling of the story of his two cars – both built by Leo Snedecker – really underlines the fact of just how “handcrafted” these special-built sports cars were across America.  And as you’ll read, Leo didn’t … Continue reading

History: Byers SR-100, CR-90

History Byers  Sports  Cars  (1955 – 1968) Design  By  Jim  Byers —  The  World’s  Most  Beautiful  Sports  Car — Road  &  Track,  February,  1957 Byers  Sports  Cars Road and Track featured a Byers SR-100 on the cover of their magazine in … Continue reading

Vintage Photography

Vintage  Byers  Photography Historic  Photos  of  Byers  Sports  Cars Explore  The  Links  Below The  Rollie  Langston  Archives The  Most  Complete  Record  of  a  Vintage  Byers  Build The  Road  &  Track  Photo  Shoot – 1956 The  Most  Famous  SR-100  of  its  … Continue reading

Donor Car

Donor  Car 1957  Triumph  TR3 About  The  Donor  Car From  Rollie  Langston  on  6/13/2020 According to reports at the time, and as best I can remember, the car was being driven by a soldier from nearby Ft Leonard Wood at … Continue reading

Byers Brochures

Byers  Brochures Byers  Company  Production  &  Sales 1957 Fiber-Craft 1958 J.E.  Byers  Fiberglass  Company Based  on  Rollie  Langston  Communication,  Jim  Byers Changed  the  Name  Of  His  Company  in  1958 1959 J.E.  Byers  Fiberglass  Company 1963 Last  Year  Known  For  Byers  … Continue reading

Raiders of the Lost Cars

Raiders  of  the  Lost  Cars The  Greatest  American  Car  Story  NEVER  Told What  People  Are  Saying… “In attempting to capture the significance and passion inherent in Undiscovered Classics, I can’t seem to shake the graphic allusion to Indiana Jones and … Continue reading

Modern Archives

Undiscovered  Classics Modern  Archives Undiscovered Classics featured in Hemmings, Old Cars Weekly, Autoweek and more.  Also includes stories authored by or about Undiscovered Classics and Undiscovered Classic cars, and Undiscovered  Classics at concours, in museums & exhibitions, on the web, … Continue reading

Tom Cotter

Tom Cotter Barn Find Author, Collector, TV Personality About Tom  Cotter  Interview Listening Time:  38 Minutes Cars Yeah!  November 14, 2014 Undiscovered  Classics  Appearances TV,  Videos  &  On  The  Web Barn Find Hunter, Tom Cotter: Hagerty TV Episode #72 Viewing … Continue reading

Undiscovered Classics: Personality Profiles

Undiscovered  Classics:  Personality  Profiles These are Personality Profiles of some of the Undiscovered Classics Team – participants, contributors and more.  This list continues to grow so check back for additions.  We’re happy to have a large and expanding “tent” that … Continue reading

1954 Tahitian Dragon

1954  Kaiser  “Tahitian  Dragon” – Anticipated  Car  Build –  We started this project in 2015 with the help designers such as Raffi Minasian and Dan Palatnik as well as enthusiasts such as Rollie Langston helping us clarify our vision.  We … Continue reading

People Interviewed As Part of Research

People  Interviewed  As  Part  of  Research This shows (in process) a list of the people we interviewed to learn the details and history of these cars and their companies.  This list also includes first-person histories or research written by individuals … Continue reading

Our  Story – A  Historical  Perspective

Our  Story – A  Historical  Perspective Introduction From concept cars to teardrop streamliners… From vintage race car transporters to lakesters… From race cars to sports cars… From legendary custom cars to even concept dune buggies… Geoff Hacker and his team have … Continue reading


THE  FORGOTTEN  FIBERGLASS  FAMILY— OUR  CONTRIBUTORS — “We’re Honored To Have So Many Passionate Contributors to the Cause – People We Consider to be Part of the Forgotten Fiberglass Family” The  Forgotten  Fiberglass  Family: Forgotten Fiberglass is much larger than … Continue reading