Guy Dirkin

Guy  Dirkin Saved a Famous Victress, Built a Byers Race Car, Owns A Sport Custom, Races a GT 1 car, Participates in SCCA and Vintage Races 1949  Panache  Sport  Custom  to  Appear  at  the  Cigar  City Concours  d’Elegance  in  Tampa,  … Continue reading

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – Cars for 2023

Pebble  Beach  Concours  d’Elegance Proposed  For  August,  2023 Class:  American  Sport  Customs Sport  Custom  Definition Click  Here  To  Learn  More Additional  Cars Byers SR-100 – Geordie Prodis Allied Swallow Coupe – Darrin Allied Blackhawk – Dr. Richard – Brandon Kunicki … Continue reading

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance – Cars for 2022

Amelia  Island  Concours  d’Elegance Five  Cars  For  March,  2022 Classes:  Sports  Car  Classes  By  Year 1966 Cannara Designed  and  Built  By  Ray  Cannara – Mentored  by  Strother  MacMinn The  Original  Wedge  Car Owner: Guy Dirkin Click  Here  For  More  Information … Continue reading

Undiscovered Classics Contributors

Undiscovered  Classics  Contributors Click on each name below to view articles and information contributed Domestic  Contributors Geoff Hacker – Founder Rollie Langston Guy Dirkin Craig Johnson Nate Bowne Kyle Feller Merrill Powell Erich Schultz Joel Driskill Rodney Packwood John Mellberg … Continue reading

Byers SR-100, CR-90 – Home

Byers  Sports  Car  History Featured  Stories  On  Byers  Sports  Cars  Below Overview Road and Track featured a Byers SR-100 on the cover of their magazine in February, 1957. John Bond who owned Road & Track felt it represented one of … Continue reading

Byers Sports Car Registry (SR-100 & CR-90)

Byers  Sports  Car  Registry SR-100  &  CR-90 To add your name and car to the list below, contact Geoff Hacker via e-mail ( or phone (813)-888-8882 Guy Dirkin:  Clermont, Florida (708) 254-9101 Click  Here  To  View  Car  in  Showcase … Continue reading

Vintage and Modern Articles

Vintage  and  Modern  Byers Sports  Car  Articles Byers  Articles  on  Undiscovered  Classics Explore  The  Links  Below Featured  Articles Take A Ride With Us In Guy Dirkin’s 1956 Byers SR-100 Undiscovered  Classics:  August  25,  2019 The Cars of Amelia Island 2010: … Continue reading

Showcase: 1956 Byers SR-100

Showcase 1956  Byers  SR-100 Owner:  Guy  Dirkin,  Clermont,  Florida   History of  Byers  Sports  Cars Road and Track featured a Byers SR-100 on the cover of their magazine in February, 1957. John Bond who owned Road & Track felt it … Continue reading

Undiscovered Classic Cars at Major Concours

Undiscovered  Classic  Cars  at  Major  Concours 2007  to  Present 2020 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 1952  Voodoo  Gardner Showing  With  Owners  Brian  And  Sue  Ford 2019 Gasparilla Concours d’Elegance Two Cars: 1937 Custom Cord Phaeton 1954 Frazer Custom Cigar  City  Concours  … Continue reading


2021 Click on the Following Links To Review Each Article Concours  d’Elegance  Appearances Gasparilla Concours d’Elegance Two Cars: 1955 Allied “Cisitalia” Singer Swallow Ralph Bush’s 1952 / 1959 Singer 4AD Race Car December 5, 2021 Cigar City Concours d’Elegance 1962 … Continue reading

Silodrome: Stories on UC Cars

Silodrome – Gasoline  Culture  Magazine  Stories  on  Undiscovered  Classics  Automobiles On  The  Web Silodrome:  Gasoline  Culture  Magazine Home  Page Articles The  Galileo  Special Silodrome: XXX X, 2020 Singer  American  Specials Silodrom: xxx x, 2020 The  Remarkable  1956  Manta  Ray  By  … Continue reading

Restorations: Customer

Customer  Cars  In  Restoration With  Undiscovered  Classics We are currently managing and restoring cars for many of our customers.  Here are some of these cars being restored.  We’ll be adding additional detail about their restorations soon. 1952  Voodoo  Gardner Designer: … Continue reading

Restorations: Partnerships

Restoration  Partnerships While we restore cars for ourselves and for our customers, we also have restoration partnerships.   Undiscovered Classics partners with people on ownership and restoration.  Each partnership arrangement is unique and tailored to the individuals involved.  After restoration, we … Continue reading

1949 Panache – Help Needed

Panache  Sports  Custom Need  Help  in  Finding  the  Original  Builder Nash Sports Custom:  Need help in Finding the Original Builder I recently bought a Nash based sport custom that is a great example of  post WWII hand crafted cars. The … Continue reading

Photos: Arrival Day

Photos: Arrival  Day The Panache arrived at Guy Dirkin’s house in Oak Brook, Chicago on August 26, 2013.  Rick D’louhy and Geoff Hacker were there to help Guy unload his latest acquisition. … Continue reading

1949 Panache Photos

1949  Panache  Photos Vintage  1970s These Are From When Denny Glass Owned Panache Arrival  Day The Panache Arrived at Guy Dirkin’s House on August 26, 2013 Restoration  Photos Coming  Soon … Continue reading

1949 Panache: Renderings and Artwork

1949 Panache Renderings and Artwork We were honored to retain the artistic services of Dan Palatnik of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to create original artwork for the Guy Dirkin’s 1949 Panache.  We used these renderings to test different “looks”, options, … Continue reading

2019: Cigar City Concours d’Elegance

Cigar  City  Concours d ‘Elegance Tampa  Bay  Downs:  Tampa, Florida November  9-10, 2019 Two  Cars: 1952  Glasspar  G2 1949  Panache  Sport  Custom Photos  On  Field 1952  Glasspar G2 Owners:  Brian and Sue Ford, Christchurch, New Zealand Click  Here  To  Learn  … Continue reading

Showcase: 1954 Victress S1 – Motor Trend Victress

Showcase 1954  Victress  S1 – Motor  Trend  Victress Owner:  Guy  Dirkin,  Clermont,  Florida History of This Car The 1954 “Motor Trend” Victress S1 has a great individual history, but also quintessentially represents the history of the American Post-War Sports car. … Continue reading

Showcase: Sport Customs

Showcase:  Sport  Customs Handcrafted  Sport  Custom  Cars  of  Note 1950  Leo  Lyons  Custom  Mercury Designed and Built by Leo Lyons, San Bernardino, California Owner: Undiscovered Classics 1949   Panache  Sport  Custom A  Vintage  Build  By  A  Talented  Individual Owner: Guy Dirkin, … Continue reading

Showcase: Forgotten Fiberglass

Forgotten  Fiberglass Showcase The  Best  Of  Designs,  History,  Innovation  and  Importance Handcrafted  Cars  That  Have  Stood  The  Test  Of  Time 1952  Voodoo  Gardner  Special Designed and Built by Jerry Gardner Owners: Brian and Sue Ford, Christchurch, New Zealand 1952  Glasspar  … Continue reading

Tom Cotter

Tom Cotter Barn Find Author, Collector, TV Personality About Tom  Cotter  Interview Listening Time:  38 Minutes Cars Yeah!  November 14, 2014 Undiscovered  Classics  Appearances TV,  Videos  &  On  The  Web Barn Find Hunter, Tom Cotter: Hagerty TV Episode #72 Viewing … Continue reading

Restorations: Completed

Finished  Cars Here are some of our more interesting cars that we’ve restored or are nearing completion.  Most of the cars below have been sold and are with new owners. … Continue reading


2010 Click on the Following Links To Review Each Article Concours  d’Elegance   Appearances Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance Forgotten Fiberglass Class & More Two Cars Attending: 1955 Californian (LeGene) and 1946 Bill Burke Belly Tank Streamliner March, 2010 Museum,  Event  and  … Continue reading


2008 Click on the Following Links To Review Each Article Concours  d’Elegance   Appearances Barrington Concours d’Elegance 1956 Byers SR-100: Owner Guy Dirkin Arlington Heights, Illinois October 5, 2008 Meadowbrook Concours d’Elegance 1952 Maverick Sportster: Owner Fred Roth Rochester, Michigan August … Continue reading

Our  Story – A  Historical  Perspective

Our  Story – A  Historical  Perspective Introduction From concept cars to teardrop streamliners… From vintage race car transporters to lakesters… From race cars to sports cars… From legendary custom cars to even concept dune buggies… Geoff Hacker and his team have … Continue reading


THE  FORGOTTEN  FIBERGLASS  FAMILY— OUR  CONTRIBUTORS — “We’re Honored To Have So Many Passionate Contributors to the Cause – People We Consider to be Part of the Forgotten Fiberglass Family” The  Forgotten  Fiberglass  Family: Forgotten Fiberglass is much larger than … Continue reading

Welcome To Undiscovered Classics

WELCOME  TO  UNDISCOVERED  CLASSICS! “We  find,  research,  restore,  show  and  sell America’s  lost  automotive  treasures“ Undiscovered Classics focuses on the history behind and the celebration of American handcrafted sports cars from the postwar era.  Largely untold, this story and these … Continue reading

Contact Information

Fiberglass Facts – Home       Boa (Aerocon) – Home   History Brochures and Advertising Models Available  Articles Registry  Member Showcase  Miscellaneous Contact Information This website provides an opportunity to build a quality information resource on the Aerocon Boa.   If … Continue reading

Member Showcase

Fiberglass Facts – Home       Boa (Aerocon) – Home     History Brochures and Advertising Models Available  Articles Registry  Member Showcase  Miscellaneous Contact Information Guy Dirkin’s Boa:  Red Erich Schultz Boz: White … Continue reading

Victress – Home

Victress  Manufacturing Home  Page 1952 – 1961 This section of our website is under construction as of 10/1/2019.  We will continue adding details and features over the next few months so check back and see our progress.  And….welcome to our … Continue reading

Raiders of the Lost Cars

“Raiders  of  the  Lost  Cars” The  Greatest  American  Car  Story  NEVER  Told What  People  Are  Saying… “In attempting to capture the significance and passion inherent in Undiscovered Classics, I can’t seem to shake the graphic allusion to Indiana Jones and … Continue reading

Undiscovered Classics: Personality Profiles

Undiscovered  Classics:  Personality  Profiles These are Personality Profiles of some of the Undiscovered Classics Team – participants, contributors and more.  This list continues to grow so check back for additions.  We’re happy to have a large and expanding “tent” that … Continue reading