Merrill Powell

Merrill Powell Co-Founder of Victress Manufacturing (founded 1952) Designer of Victress C2 and C3 Coupe America’s First Fiberglass GT Coupe Sports Car of Original Design About Merrill  Powell  Interview Listening Time:  36 Minutes Cars Yeah!  April 12, 2014 Articles “The … Continue reading

Interview: Merrill  Powell

Merrill  Powell Co-Founder  of  Victress  Where  Alton  Worked  and  LeMans  Coupe  Built It is great reading Doug Ward’s recollections of Al Johnson, and the development of his LeMans Coupe. As VP of Victress Mfg. Co., where Al worked and built … Continue reading

Pebble Beach 2023: Worksheet

————————————— Cars – Show – Pebble Beach – Dream Cars of the 50s (2023) – Worksheet ————————————— Confirmed Cars 1: 1948 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet – Wayne and Amy Gould (Martin and Blake Godbey) 2: 1953 Maverick Sportster – Tom and Barb … Continue reading

Pebble Beach 2023: American Dream Rides

American  Dream  Rides Pebble  Beach,  2023 Overview Class  Information American  Dream  Cars  of  the  1950s By the 1950s, auto manufacturing was back in full swing worldwide, and many expressive cars were offered by automakers. But a few individuals wanted something … Continue reading

Byers Contributors

Contributors  To  Byers  Sports  Car  History We’re proud to release this newly created section of Undiscovered Classics that focuses on the history of the Byers Sports cars.  Our research into this marque started in 2007, and took the help of … Continue reading

Be Unique

Be  Unique Why  Buy  An  Undiscovered  Classics  Car?     It’s  All  About  The  Dream 5 components: Who built it and how Who designed it These cars epitomized later American sports car design Achievements in design/styling at Motoramas across America … Continue reading

Interview: Bill Quirk

Interview:  Bill  Quirk Foreman  of  Victress  Manufacturing  and  Friend  of  Alton  Johnson I first met Doc Boyce-Smith (Co-Founder of Victress Manufacturing where LeMans Coupe was built) when he and Hugh Jorgensen were working on the very first Victress buck. It … Continue reading

People Interviewed

People  Interviewed LeMans  Coupe  Team  1 Ed Monegan (one of the original 3 members of LeMans Coupe Team #1) Marvin Horton’s Family (Sheryl – daughter, Gavin – grandson of Marvin and Steven – son of Marvin) Merrill Powell – Vice-President … Continue reading

LeMans Coupe: Alton Johnson’s Crash

Alton  Johnson’s  LeMans  Coupe Aftermath  of  Crash  at  Malibu  Canyon Alton’s LeMans Coupe was lost in late 1960 after a terrible crash in Malibu Canyon, California.  The photos of the crash site were taken by Bill Quick at the time.  … Continue reading

Alton Johnson: Victress Photos

Alton  Johnson’s  LeMans  Coupe Photos  of  the  Car  Being  Built  at  Victress  (North  Hollywood,  California) The photos below were taken at Victress Manufacturing while Alton Johnson was an employee there.  Alton worked for Bill Quirk who was the Foreman at … Continue reading

Undiscovered Classics Contributors

Undiscovered  Classics  Contributors Click on each name below to view articles and information contributed Domestic  Contributors Geoff Hacker – Founder Rollie Langston Guy Dirkin Craig Johnson Nate Bowne Kyle Feller Merrill Powell Paul Sable Dennis Kazmerowski Erich Schultz Joel Driskill … Continue reading

Victress – Home

Victress  Manufacturing Home  Page 1952 – 1961 This section of our website is under construction as of 10/1/2019.  We will continue adding details and features over the next few months so check back and see our progress.  And….welcome to our … Continue reading

Raiders of the Lost Cars

Raiders  of  the  Lost  Cars The  Greatest  American  Car  Story  NEVER  Told What  People  Are  Saying… “In attempting to capture the significance and passion inherent in Undiscovered Classics, I can’t seem to shake the graphic allusion to Indiana Jones and … Continue reading

Restorations: Customer

Customer  Cars  In  Restoration With  Undiscovered  Classics We are currently managing and restoring cars for many of our customers.  Here are some of these cars being restored.  We’ll be adding additional detail about their restorations soon. 1952  Voodoo  Gardner Designer: … Continue reading

Paul Terhorst

Paul  Terhorst Packard  Enthusiast  and  My  First  Car  Mentor I  Met  Paul  in  1976  When  I  Got  My  First  Collector  Car – a 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood.  He helped me restore this car and gave me a great foundation of car … Continue reading

Showcase: 1954 Victress S1 – Motor Trend Victress

Showcase 1954  Victress  S1A Design  By  Doc Boyce-Smith  and  Hugh  Jorgensen Owner:  Guy  Dirkin,  Clermont,  Florida —  The  Lost  Motor  Trend  Victress — Built  By  Fred  Bodley – Motor Trend Technical Editor History of This Car The 1954 “Motor Trend” … Continue reading

Guy Dirkin

Guy  Dirkin Saved a Famous Victress, Built a Byers Race Car, Owns A Sport Custom, Races a GT 1 car, Participates in SCCA and Vintage Races 1949  Panache  Sport  Custom  to  Appear  at  the  Cigar  City Concours  d’Elegance  in  Tampa,  … Continue reading

Undiscovered Classics & Forgotten Fiberglass

Undiscovered  Classics  &  Forgotten  Fiberglass Review  The  History  Of  Our  Site  And  Organization The  Beginning “Undiscovered Classics” began as “Forgotten Fiberglass” with the acquisition of my 1961 Covington Tiburon Coupe.  In the spring of 2006, my friend John Bowen called … Continue reading

Undiscovered  Classics  Showcase

Undiscovered  Classics  Showcase Cars that we show and share across the country.  Some are restored, some are survivors, some are in restoration and some have left our collection.  All are fun to see and learn more about.  Have fun! Explore  … Continue reading

A  Tribute  To  Rick  D’Louhy

A  Tribute  To  Rick  D’Louhy Forgotten  Fiberglass  Raconteur, Car  Show  Creator,  Historian,  Best  Friend  And  More In The Beginning Who doesn’t like a car adventure – and boy have I had one over the last 40 or so years.  But … Continue reading

Business Cards – Collect ’em All

Business Cards – Collect ’em All We’ve always viewed cars as “art” and have taken this theme to our business cards from the start. These cards are also a subtle way of creating interest in rare “Undiscovered Classics” and “Forgotten … Continue reading

New Acquisitions

New Acquisitions Here are some of the cars we’ve hunting and successfully brought down to Undiscovered Classics in Tampa, Florida in the past year or so. 1949 WOW Cadillac Convertible (1 of 1) Built in the late 1940s, The WOW … Continue reading

Research Approach For Undiscovered Classics

Undiscovered  Classics  Research  Approach First: We’ve combed thru (and are still working on) reviewing all articles on fiberglass cars in American 1950’s enthusiast magazines such as Hot Rod, Motor Trend, Road and track and other well known titles. Second:  We’ve identified thru … Continue reading

People Interviewed As Part of Research

People  Interviewed  As  Part  of  Research This shows (in process) a list of the people we interviewed to learn the details and history of these cars and their companies.  This list also includes first-person histories or research written by individuals … Continue reading

Our  Story – A  Historical  Perspective

Our  Story – A  Historical  Perspective Introduction From concept cars to teardrop streamliners… From vintage race car transporters to lakesters… From race cars to sports cars… From legendary custom cars to even concept dune buggies… Geoff Hacker and his team have … Continue reading


Exhibitions Exhibitions  Which  Featured  Undiscovered  Classic  Cars 2023 Petersen  Automobile  Museum – Exhibition #1 in Planning Stage Coming  Soon Petersen  Automobile  Museum – Exhibition #2 in Planning Stage Coming  Soon Sarasota  Classic  Car  Museum (Multiple Years) On Display: Multiple Cars … Continue reading


THE  FORGOTTEN  FIBERGLASS  FAMILY— OUR  CONTRIBUTORS — “We’re Honored To Have So Many Passionate Contributors to the Cause – People We Consider to be Part of the Forgotten Fiberglass Family” The  Forgotten  Fiberglass  Family: Forgotten Fiberglass is much larger than … Continue reading

Selected Interviews

Selected  Interviews Ed  Monegan Original  Member  Team  1 Click  Here  To  View Kathy  (Tifft)  Cooper Daughter  of  Edward  Tifft,  Team  2 Click  Here  To  View Doug  Ward Friend  of  Alton  Johnson Click  Here  To  View Merrill  Powell Co-Founder  of  Victress  … Continue reading

Mark Greene

Mark  Greene TV,  Podcast  and  Automotive  Inspirer About Mark  Green  and  Cars  Yeah Learn About Cars Yeah Here Mark  Green  on  Cars  Yeah A Series of Short Interviews with Mark Cars  Yeah  &  Undiscovered  Classics Undiscovered  Classics  Interview  (Geoff  Hacker) … Continue reading

Undiscovered Classics: Personality Profiles

Undiscovered  Classics:  Personality  Profiles These are Personality Profiles of some of the Undiscovered Classics Team – participants, contributors and more.  This list continues to grow so check back for additions.  We’re happy to have a large and expanding “tent” that … Continue reading


2015 Concours  d’Elegance   Appearances Ameila Island Concours d’Elegance: Forgotten Fiberglass Class 1953 Meteor SR-1 and More Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance 1946 Bill Burke Belly Tank Streamliner Award Won: “Rolling Sculpture” Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 1950 Ultra Modern Mercury – Leo … Continue reading